DISCONTINUED - AirSteril Extreme WR Odour & Infection Control 30m²/40m² High Footfall


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AirSteril units provide odour and infection control, and the WR Extreme range is specifically designed for high footfall commercial washrooms. The units are available for washrooms that are considered high to extreme footfall with a floor area of 30m² or 40m². Multiple units can be installed in rooms larger to provide adequate coverage.

High footfall areas are those that have approximately 18+ visits per hour and extreme footfall is considered to be more than 200+ visits per hour.  If you need assistance choosing the correct AirSteril unit please contact the Commercial Washrooms sales team.

AirSteril WR Extreme Range Specification

  • WRX30: Suitable for washrooms up to 30m2
  • WRX40: Suitable for washrooms up to 40m2
  • For extreme footfall washrooms (5000+ users per day)
  • Dimensions, W 140mm H 100mm L 500mm
  • Anodised aluminium solid extrusion construction
  • Electric fan installed to circulated air through the unit (install vertically or horizontally)
  • 100V -  240V 13+ watts (via 13A switched fused spur)
  • Weight 1.5kg

WR Extreme Running Costs

The AirSteril WR Extreme range uses 13+ watts of electricity per hour, which equates to 87.6kWh per year, if your business pays an electricity charge of 14.63p per kWh this will equate to a running cost of approximately £12.82 per year.

The UV lamps in each unit require changing every 12 months, and the unit should be cleaned regularly.

Kill Odours and Smells in Busy Washrooms

Washrooms accumulate high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses. With every flush, toilets and urinals force faecal micro-organisms into the air, settling on washroom surfaces. Poor ventilation, shared facilities and people who do not wash their hands all add to the hygiene problem.

Odours and infections are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds found in the air and on surfaces.

Make your washroom less of a health hazard

Improving air quality in restrooms will clear odours and improve the healthcare of your staff and visitors. The AirSteril Thermal U/V Washroom Range eliminates unpleasant washroom odours and controls harmful bacteria and viruses both in the air and on all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Healthcare Problems

  • Offensive odours, which cause visitors to perceive poor hygiene, lack of care and poor management in the premises
  • Increased absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Primary source of infections including Salmonella, E. Coli, Norovirus, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E

Perfect for Use Within

Average to large sized commercial washrooms, with extremely high usage and footfall even if infrequently. Such as;

  • Sport stadium washroom rooms
  • Campsite and caravan park washrooms
  • Public washrooms at large entertainment venues (e.g. Theme Parks)
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