NymaSTYLE Matte Black Rail Luxury Straight Stainless Steel Grab Rail With Concealed Fixings

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These NymaStyle straight black grab rails are a stylish way to make your washrooms more accessible and they are avialble in widths of 355mm, 480mm and 620mm to suit your requirements.

The NymaStyle straight black grab rails are a stylish way to improve safety in your commercial washroom or around a home. Made from high-quality steel construction and with a modern matte black finish, this luxury grab rail offers support to those with mobility issues and disabilities. 

You can place these black hand rails in the bath, shower or next to a toilet to prevent slips and falls whilst giving users more independence.

This ‘T bar’ is available in widths of 355mm, 480mm and 620mm, so there’s an option to suit your needs and wall space. It also has concealed fixings, offering a smooth and seamless appearance.

Whilst this is a luxury grab rail, it does not compromise on safety as it is Doc M compliant.


  • Stylish 'T-bar' wave design

  • Doc-M compliant

  • Concealed fixings

  • Constructed from high-quality stainless steel

  • Available widths: 355mm, 480mm, 620mm

You may also be interested in our other grab rails and accessible washroom products, including disabled toilets, shower seats and accessibility packs. If you have any questions about these black grab rails or our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us - we’d be happy to help!


What is the purpose of grab rails?

Grab rails are designed to support those who have disabilities or mobility issues when standing or manoeuvring themselves. Essentially, these black grab rails by NYMAS are a safe and stable appliance to be fixed to the wall which enables a person to keep their balance, preventing slips and falls.

Why are grab rails important?

Grab bars such as this luxury grab rail are an essential part of making a toilet, changing room or shower area safe. Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider installing them:

  • They give users more independence and privacy as they can better support themselves.

  • The risk of slips and falls are lowered.

  • If the grab rails are to be placed in a non-domestic setting, they could be a legal requirement in order to comply with Doc M regulations.  

Who can install grab bars?

It’s important for you to ensure that these black grab rails are installed correctly to prevent any accidents or damage to the wall. We therefore recommend hiring a plumbing professional to carry out the work. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we offer a supply and fit service for those looking to refurbish their bathrooms. 

What height should grab bars be installed?

According to HSE, a horizontal grab rail should be installed approximately 700mm from above ground level and vertical grab rails should be placed about 800mm above the ground. This is generally the best height to install them in terms of comfort and support, but if you’re looking to install this luxury grab rail in a domestic setting, you can install it at the most appropriate height for the user.

Where should toilet grab bars be placed?

The optimal places to install these black grab rails by a toilet are on the side of the wall which is closest to the toilet and on the wall behind the toilet (this is for carers to hold onto for support when assisting someone). 

You can find out more about toilet grab bar placement in this blog.

Where is the best location for grab bars in shower?

The back wall and the area between the shower head and valve are the areas recommended to install grab rails in bath/shower installations. Having grab bars directly beneath the shower and by the shower head are also very useful for when a user gets in or out of the shower or wishes to operate the temperature/pressure settings. Exactly where you place your rails will depend on the size and angle of your support rails. That said, the grab rail on the back wall will usually sit approximately 35mm above the rim of the bath. 

The back and side wall is also the recommended area for installation for shower only facilities, but you should consider the user's needs. For example, if you have shower seats installed, you’ll want grab bars placed near this so they can easily sit down and stand up.

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