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Our focus on the commercial washroom marketplace means we are ideally placed to offer advice on the most relevant products available for any given washroom environment.

The category tabs on the left hand side of the Commercial Washrooms website have been further split to offer ease of navigation and help to find the range of products you are looking for. And for those customers looking for a range of washroom products dedicated to their sector we have our “shop for” filter.

So whether you’re looking for toilet cubicles for schools or changing room showers, we aim for you to find these quickly, easily and offered at the most competitive price.

For those customers looking for advice on what range of products to install into a full washroom refurbishment project please feel free to send through a drawing or contact the sales team to discuss further.


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Outward Opening Keep (For 0IB/SA0 Cubicle Locks) (0IB-OOK)
Outward Opening Keep Only - Aluminium (For T204SA Only) (T271SA)
Toilet Cubicle Lock Signal and Master Key (0IBSECSIG01)
U Shaped Outward Opening Keep (For T20 Locks) (T270)
Outward Opening Keep for 0IBCHAL Challenger Lock (0IBK-CHAL)
Outward Opening Keep - Stainless Steel (For PK1026) (MPK1)
Bathroom Mortice Bolt (Only) with Dual Striking Plate (LAL0130)
New Range
Value Loop Handle Multirol Indicator Bolt (SA0614)
Value Quick Release Toilet Cubicle Lock (0IB3)
Easy Grip Toilet Cubicle Door Lock (SA1038)
Large Quick Release Cubicle Door Lock (SA0630P)
Chamfered Toilet Cubicle Indicator Bolt Lock (0IB1)
Rotating Indicator Bolt - Plastic (C4012)
Oval Turn Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (T205)
Radiused Toilet Cubicle Door Lock (0IB1/2)
Rotating Indicator Bolt with Outside Door Knob - Plastic (C4013)
New Range
Loop Handle Sliding Indicator Bolt (T204SA)
Indicator Bolt with Circle Turn Handle - Stainless Steel (T200)
Challenger Toilet Cubicle Lock (0IBCHAL)
Children’s Quick Release Toilet Cubicle Lock (0IP2PRAD)
Ellipse Quick Release Toilet Cubicle Door Lock (0IB5)
Special Offer
Pilaster Mounted Stainless Steel Lever Arm Toilet Cubicle Lock (T206S)
£21.00 Now £18.00
Stainless Steel Indicator Bolt with Lever Turn (T201)
Loop Handle Sliding Indicator Bolt and Square Cover Plate (T204F5)
Glass Cubicle Lever Indicator Bolt (T203SM)
Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (PK1026)
Arched Handle Toilet Cubicle Lock
Mortice Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (Suitable for 20-46mm doors) (T209-F2)
Mortice Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (Suitable for 30-46mm doors) (T209-F1)
Stainless Steel Lever and Indicator (Only) - For 50mm Doors (DFU0270)
Stainless Steel Sliding Indicator Bolt with Cover Plate (PK3733)
£33.00 Now £29.70
High Abuse Indicator Bolt (Outward Opening) - Aluminium (EL02)
High Abuse Indicator Bolt (Inward Opening) - Aluminium (PK1844)
Pilaster Mounted Lever Arm Bolt Cubicle Lock (SA2621)
Best Seller
Replacement Toilet Cubicle Lock and Cover Plate - Horizontal or Vertical (PK717)
Double Handled Indicator Bolt (DH0IB5)
Snib Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (C4028)
Special Offer
Union Disabled Toilet Door Lock (J37651)
£57.00 Now £36.50
Snib Indicator for Glass Partitions (558-GSS)
Special Offer
RADAR Disabled Door Lockset - Polished Aluminium (H0148502)
£173.00 Now £146.50
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  • 18
  • 24
  • of 40 products