Glass Cubicle Lever Indicator Bolt (T203SM)

This simple lock made from stainless steel provides a professional and executive appearance. The pack comes with concealed bolt through fixings supplied.

The indicator bolt is constituted of a rotating handle that in closing position is set in a locking keep. On the exterior side, the article is equipped with a vacant/engaged indicator.

The lock is suitable for 10mm flush glass systems and 12-13mm flush systems, and comes in a Satin finish made from 316 Stainless Steel.

For emergency access the lock has an emergency release on the outside.

The longer turn lever, makes this cubicle lock suitable for disabled users.

If an outward opening configuration is needed, then you will need to purchase a T203SM/F2 Outward Opening Lever Adapter. 

If you have an overlapping system, and need an extension for the keep to protrude further, you will also need a T203SM/F1 Overlapping System.

£29.00 inc VAT (£29.00 exc VAT)
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