Toilet Flush Controls

We offer a range of toilet flush controls designed to achieve both increased water saving and improved hygiene; key factors in any new washroom and commercial toilet installation.

By limiting the frequency which toilets are flushed, a significant amount of water and money can be saved. In addition, you'll be legislation compliant too. And with the no-touch sensor technology currently available on the market increased hygiene levels can also be achieved.

The majority of our toilet flush control range can be fitted during initial washroom installation or as a retro-fit opportunity. Options include sensor flushes and push button operation from leading manufacturers and are supplied as full kits, saving the installer hassle and time.


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Ideal Standard Contemporary Flushplate Chrome Plated (E4437)
Armitage Shanks Contemporary Flushplate Chrome Plated (S4397)
Armitage Shanks Palm Push Button Toilet Flush Mechanism (S4450)
Delabie Individual Toilet Push Button Flush Valve Kit (761700)
DVS Washroom Water Management and Isolation Control System (AC04-002)
DVS Automatic Toilet Sensor Flush Kit (WC03-002)
Delabie Individual Toilet Sensor Flush Valve Kit (463030)
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  • of 7 products