Urinals are an important fixture in the commercial washroom environment and in recent years there has been an increase in demand for female and unisex urinals too. Here at Commercial Washrooms we are pleased to offer our own range of urinals as well as those from leading UK sanitary ware manufacturers such as Twyford and Armitage Shanks. Our range of urinals is one of the most competitive in the UK and urinals can be purchased individually, or as convenient packs that include all the relevant urinal parts needed.

Purchase urinals in a variety of materials including ceramic, stainless steel as well as resin GRP. All suitable for use in commercial washrooms, including public toilets, schools, office environments and many more.

Waterless urinals are a great way to save on water bills and economically manage your washroom. We carry a number of waterless options as well as a selection of replacement filters and associated products. Our specialist team are able to offer independent advice to you regarding your washroom project, from choosing the correct type of exposed or concealed trap for a particular urinal bowl, to mounting and hanging advice for duct set and partitioning, we are confident that we can supply you with exactly the right products. You can order online, or for more detailed advice along with your order, call our team today on 01202 650900.


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DVS BioUrinal Sleeve - Refill (UC00-017)
DVS ChemiUrinal - Refill (UC00-013)
DVS BioUrinal Sleeve (UC00-007)
Uridan Uriclean 500ml Biodegradable Blocking Cleaning Fluid (ZZGFPX003)
DVS ChemiUrinal Sleeve (UC00-009)
Uridan Urilock 300ml Refill for Waterless Urinals Block Urine Odour (ZGFPX001)
Top Inlet Urinal Spreader (LEPH)
Best Seller
Delabie Tempostop 1/2” Urinal Push Flush Valve (777000)
Bristan Sirrus Exposed Time Flow Urinal or Shower Push Flush Valve (TUF100ECP)
Aridian/Falcon Waterless Urinal Replacement Cartridge (S628267)
New Range
Delabie Tempostop 2 Soft Touch Urinal Push Flush Valve (777800)
Twyford Square Ceramic Urinal Division (VC7051WH)
Blanc Corner Urinal Bowl (Exposed Cistern) (S7004072)
Delabie Urinal Push Button Flush Valve Kit (777200)
Blanc Ceramic Urinal Bowl (Exposed Cistern) (S7004027)
Retro-fit Waterless Urinal Pack (SWP103)
Twyford Clifton Urinal (Exposed Cistern) (VC7002)
Armitage Shanks White Ceramic Urinal Divider (S6120)