Concealed Cistern Urinals

As a leading supplier of concealed cistern urinal kits from manufacturers such as Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard and Twyford, Commercial Washrooms can offer advice and help in selecting the correct urinal pack for your specification. Urinals can be purchased as individual bowls or supplied in pack form with a cistern, flush pipes, spreaders and wastes.

Concealed cistern urinals are designed so that the cistern is to be fixed hidden from view, perhaps behind IPS duct wall panels or within a wall void in the washroom. This means the pipe work (often called sparge pipes or flush pipes), are also to be mounted behind the paneling and hidden from view.

Spreaders, which connect to the flush pipes at the urinal end are designed to spread the flushing water in the urinal to both sides of the bowl to ensure a clean flush. Urinal spreaders are included within all the full urinal kits we sell as they are essential for a flushing urinal. In concealed urinal cistern systems or kits since the pipes are hidden from view the spreaders typically exit through the wall or paneling and then through a hole in the top of the urinal.

Our range of urinals are available in a variety of materials, including glazed ceramic, stainless steel as well as resin GRP. The choice of materials ensures availability for all commercial washroom environments. Available for direct delivery thanks to our well established network of suppliers, we have a variety of products covering both exposed, wall mounted cisterns and concealed urinal set-ups.


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Armitage Shanks Sandringham Wall Mounted Urinal (Concealed Cistern) (S6103)
Armitage Shanks 40cm Sanura Urinal (Concealed Cistern) (S6105CON)
Armitage Shanks 40cm Sanura HygenIQ Urinal (Concealed Cistern) (S6117)
Twyford Spectrum Urinal (Concealed Cistern) (VC7004WH)
White Ceramic Urinal Bowl (Concealed Cistern) (S7004044)
£144.00 Now £99.00
Gloo Designer Urinals (PWD003)
Armitage Shanks 50cm Sanura Urinal (Concealed Cistern) (S6100CON)
Armitage Shanks 50cm Sanura HygenIQ Urinal (Concealed Cistern) (S6118)
Armitage Shanks Contour HygenIQ Urinal Bowl (Fully Concealed Trap and Cistern) (S6119)
Armitage Shanks Sandringham Doc-M Urinal Pack (Concealed Cistern) (S610301-DocM)
Armitage Shanks Contour Urinal (Concealed Cistern) (S6110)
Illuminating Gloo Urinal (PWD008)
Timber Pale Ale Urinal (PWDPALE)
Ideal Standard Jasper Morrison Urinal Bowl (Fully Concealed Trap) (E6215)
Spoon Urinal With Chrome Back Inlet Spreader and Grated Waste (PWDSPOON)
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  • of 15 products