Commercial Taps

Every tap for every Washroom. A unique selection of commercial taps, including sensor taps, wall mounted taps, non-concussive taps, lever taps, and thermostatic mixing valves (TMV's).

The Commercial Washrooms tap collection has been designed to suit every washroom, be it for a prestigious luxury finish or something simple and understated. Our specialist ranges include those for school toilets, HTM64 healthcare compliant as well as niche areas such as disabled toilets in need of DDA compliance.

We work closely with many leading brassware manufacturers including Intatec, Dart Valley Systems, Franke, Delabie, Armitage Shanks, Twyford and more. You can be sure of the highest quality available to the market from these leading washroom brands.

Looking for something specific or have a full washroom refurbishment project to price? Ask the Commercial Washrooms team.


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DVS In-Line Flow Restricting Valve (15 mm) (AC17-039)
Inta Value Lever Basin Taps (LO597CP)
Bristan Sirrus 15mm TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve (MT503CP)
£27.50 Now £24.75
Franke Chrome Basin Taps (F1080)
Special Offer
Bristan Gummers 22mm TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve (MT753CP)
£30.00 Now £27.00
Special Offer
Inta Intamix TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve (40015CP)
£30.00 Now £22.50
Inta Value Wall Mounted Fixed Spout (Only) (5161CP)
Franke Bib Taps Chrome Plated Brass 13mm (F1071)
Best Seller
Bristan Single Luxury Soft Touch Timed Flow Basin Tap (Z2LUX12C)
£35.00 Now £22.50
Special Offer
Franke Pureline Self Closing Tap with 15 Second Flow Time (PURE0001)
£37.00 Now £31.50
Armitage Shanks Sandringham 21 Lever Basin Taps (B9881)
Special Offer
Franke Pureline Wall Mounted Self Closing Tap with 78mm Projection (PURE0002)
£37.00 Now £31.50
Special Offer
Bristan Single Pillar Basin Soft Touch Timed Flow Tap Chrome (Z2SQR12C)
£40.00 Now £24.50
DVS Sensor Tap Stainless Steel Mounted Vandal Resistant No Touch (AT07-054)
Multi Directional Wall Mounted Tap (NC190CP)
Inta Wall Mounted Non-Concussive Taps (Pair) (NC170CP)
DVS Sensor Tap Vandal Resistant Hand Basin Mounted No Touch (AT07-055)
Inta Value Basin Mounted Self Close Tap (Pair) (NC162CP)
Delabie Compact Nano TMV3 Thermal Mixing Valve (732115)
Bristan Jute Basin Mixer with Pop Up Waste - Chrome (JU BAS C)
DVS Wall Mounted Push Tap Hot / Cold (MT00-004)
Best Seller
Delabie Temposoft 2 Wall Mounted Push Tap (110 or 150mm Projection) (741500)
Delabie Vandal Resistant Self Closing Tap (745250)
Franke Aqualine-S Self Closing Bib Tap for Wall Mounting (AQUA205)
DVS Minimalistic Sensor Tap Wall Mounted Fixed No Touch (AT07-046)
New Range
Delabie Temposoft 2 Push Tap (740500)
Rada T1 100 Timed Flow Pillar Tap (2.1762.056)
DVS Reduced Ligature Sensor Tap Wall Mounted No Touch (AT07-041)
DVS Lever Operated Clinic Tap Elbow Operated (MT00-007)
Inta Lever Operated Basin Mixer Tap (LO980CP)
DVS Extended Wall Mounted Push Tap Hot/Cold (MT00-005)
Inta Minimalistic Lever Tap (LO990CP)
Franke AQUALINE-C Self Closing Pillar Tap (AQUA203)
DVS High Security Vandal Resistant Sensor Spout Deck Mounted No Touch (AT07-056)
Rada T2 100 Timed Flow Pillar Tap (2.1762.065)
DVS Thermostatic Mixing Valve 4 in 1 TMV3 (15/22mm) (AC17-047)
Twyford Sola Lever Bib Taps (pair) (SF2301)
Armitage Shanks Sandringham Single Lever Basin Mixer Tap (B4447)
Franke Elbow or Wrist Operated Lever Taps (F1074)
Franke AquaFit Single Lever Mixer Tap (AQFT0001)
Inta Contemporary Spray Mixer Tap with Extended Lever Arm (LO985CP)
Rada T4 100 Timed Flow Pillar Tap (2.1762.081)
Inta Basin Mounted Self Closing Mixer Tap (NC230CP)
Franke AQUAMIX-C Self Closing Mixer Tap (AQUA202)
Delabie Temposoft 2 Mixer Tap w/Side Temperature Control (74250015)
Bristan Infrared Automatic Basin Spout (IRBS2-CP)
Bristan Infra Red Automatic Wall-Mounted Basin Spout (IRWS1-CP)
Bristan Infrared Automatic Swan Basin Spout (IRBS1-CP)
Inta Perfect Time Electronic Touch Tap (IR162CP)
Rada Outlook IR Sensor Unit (1.1621.112)
Best Seller
DVS Aquarius Deck Mounted Sensor Tap (A45) No Touch (AT03-011)
DVS Aquarius Wall Mounted Sensor Tap No Touch (AT02-001)
DVS Clinical Wall Mounted Aquarius Scrub-up Sensor Tap (AT02-052)
DVS Aquarius Deck Mounted Sensor Tap (A32) No Touch (AT03-001)
DVS Aquarius Doc M Sensor Tap A45 Disabled No Touch (AT03-021)
Rada T4 120 Timed Flow Pillar Mixer Tap (2.1762.082)
Ideal Standard Concept Basin Mixer Tap Swan Neck Tubular Spout (B9994)
Inta Children’s Kindergarten Tap - Lever Operated (KT01210)
Franke Protronic-S Sensor Tap (AQUA130)
Armitage Shanks Contour 21 Single Control Mixer Tap (S7422)
New Range
Franke Protronic-C Battery Powered Sensor Tap (AQRE131)
DVS Classic Deck Mounted Sensor Tap No Touch (AT01-001)
DVS Classic Swan Sensor Tap No Touch (AT01-011)
DVS Aquarius High Necked Sensor Tap No Touch (AT03-041)
Delabie TempoMix Self Closing Mixer Basin Tap with Temperature Adjustment (79500015)
Intatherm II TMV3 Thermostatic Basin Mixer Tap (IT1003CP)
Special Offer
Bristan Thermostatic Deck Mount TMV3 Mixer Tap (H64DMT2)
£198.00 Now £169.00
Special Offer
Bristan Thermostatic Wall Mount TMV3 Mixer Tap (H64WMT2)
£198.00 Now £169.00
Delabie Tempomatic 4 Wall Mounted Tap (443406)
Inta Contemporary Infra Red Basin Sensor Tap (IR121CP)
Inta Perfect Time Wall Mounted Electronic Touch Tap (IR253CP)
LED Perfect Time Electronic Touch Tap (IR903CP)
DVS Aquarius Tall Pillar Sensor Tap No Touch (AT03-061)
DVS Aquarius Deck Mounted Short Pillar Sensor Tap (AT03-051)
Armitage Shanks Avon 21 Push Button Self Closing Mixer Tap (B8263)
Armitage Shanks Contour 21 Thermostatic Sequential Basin Mixer Tap (A4131)
Inta HTM (TBH2a) Thermostatic Sequential Wall Mounted Mixer Tap (HTMWMCP)
Franke Aqualine-Therm Self Closing Thermostatic Mixer Tap (AQLT0039)
Rada Safetherm TMV3 Thermostatic Clinical Tap (1.1704.001)
Special Offer
Delabie Tempomatic 3 Wall Mounted Sensor Tap (443016)
£315.00 Now £279.00
Special Offer
Delabie Tempomatic 3 Sensor Tap (49200615)
£323.00 Now £275.00
Inta Childrens Kindergarten Sensor Tap (KT01250)
Ideal Standard David Chipperfield Silver Single Lever Mixer Tap (E0067)
DVS Clinical AquariTherm Manual Tap (MT04-001)
Inta HTM64 Thermostatic Sequential Deck Mounted Mixer Tap (HTMDMCP)
Rada Concealed Digital Mixing Valves (1.1503.678)
DVS Clinical AquariTherm Sensor Spout Tap (AT04-001)
Inta HTM (TB H6) Infrared Thermostatic Wall Mounted Tap (HTMWMBCP)
Rada Outlook Concealed Digital Thermostatic Mixing Valve & Sensor (1.1621.099)
Special Offer
Bristan Gummers 28mm Group Shower Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TS6000ECP)
£1,122.00 Now £189.00
Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer (AB09)