Delabie Tempomatic 3 Wall Mounted Sensor Tap (443016)

Suitable for use in: Eco Washrooms

This Tempomatic 3 wall mounted sensor tap is a sleek, stylish, and elegant looking tap which boasts a variety of modern features whilst still remaining extremely simple to install and use. It is the perfect fitting for commercial washroom environments that are looking for a luxury, executive finish thanks to their desirable and modern aesthetic.

The intelligent design means that installation is easy as the 6V lithium battery, electronic control unit and solenoid valve are actually located within the body of the tap itself which removes the need to fit them separately, leaving just the simple job of connecting the hoses to the water inlets.

Contrary to it's minimalist appearance, the Tempomatic 3 boasts a variety of advanced features such as an automatic duty flush to prevent water stagnation and bacteria development (such as Legionnaires) in the supply pipes, and a hygienic flow straightener which reduces water retention and impurities, causing scale to build-up 5 times slower.

Additionally, due to its no-touch sensor activation the tap maximises hygiene standards and minimises water wastage, using 80% less than regular taps, with a regulated flow rate of 3litre/min at 3 bar pressure.

The tap is available for panels either 1-4mm thick (code 443016), or 1-24mm thick (code 443526 Replaced 443026) depending on the wall material is passes through. 

Key Features:

  • Chrome plated brass construction
  • Suitable for panels 1-24mm thick
  • 6V Lithium battery powered
  • Hygienic hands free operation
  • Automatic duty flush
  • Minimum operating pressure of 1 bar dynamic
  • Inlet connection: Male 1/2"
£320.00 inc VAT (£320.00 exc VAT)
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