Bristan Gummers 22mm TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve (MT753CP)

Suitable for use in: Hospital Washrooms, Disabled Toilets

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The Bristan Gummers 22mm TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve comes in two varieties, a regular basic 22mm valve, and a 22mm TMV3 valve with isolation option.

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Thermal mixing valves blend hot and cold water feeds to a single inlet tap, they blend this water and ensure the outlet water temperature never exceeds a set safe level. This protects the users of the taps and water outlets from scalding. Particularly important where the commercial washroom owner has a duty of care to the user, such as any business. But very important where children or the elderly may use the water outlets too. Such as hotels, schools and nursing homes.


  • MT753CP Bristan Gummers 22mm TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • MT753CP-ISO Bristan Gummers 22mm Thermostatic Mixing Valve with Isolation on hot and cold inlets

The 22mm Bristan Gummers thermostatic mixing valve (MT753CO or MT753CP-ISO ) are for connection to 22mm commercial and domestic pipe work and is typically the correct size for bath taps, some kitchen taps, multiple shower outlets and any high water volume outlet. Ideally there will be one TMV3 thermal mixing valve installed per water outlet (tap, shower or faucet), and it will be sited as close to the outlet as possible to reduce the potential for the growth of bacteria such as legionella in the pipe run between the thermal mixing valve and outlet.

The TMV3 scheme is run by BuildCert and is an independent testing scheme which ensures national and international standards are met. (BS EN 1111 and 1287). Approval under the scheme means high standards of thermostatic protection and suitability for use in commercial applications (TMV3).


  • TMV3, part G compliant
  • WRAS approved
  • 22mm inlets and outlet.
  • Available with optional isolation on inlets
  • Automatic shutoff in the event of hot or cold water supply failure
  • Check valves, serviceable filters and flat faced inlet connectors, Operates at a maximum pressure differential of 10:1
  • High pressure bath fill Part G compliant

If in doubt as to whether you need a TMV3, how many are required, or any other questions regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact us.

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