Hotel Bathrooms

Our range of products suitable for installation in hotel bathrooms and washrooms is extensive. Whether your budget is value or luxury, whether you’re looking for a stainless steel or ABS plastic finish, you will find something to suit.

In addition to all our standard items which are suitable for all situations, there is also a selection of items intended specifically for use in hotel settings such as our wall mounted commercial hair driers.


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Dolphin Stainless Steel Male Toilet Sign (BC5463-01)
Dolphin Stainless Steel Female Toilet Sign (BC5463-02)
Modular Plastic Toilet Roll Dispenser (PL40PWB)
Height Adjustable Partition Support Leg - Square (0L03)
Dolphin Excel Liquid Soap Bulk Fill Dispenser (BC123)
Dolphin Excel Liquid Soap Dispenser Cartridge Fill (BC124)
Modular Plastic Centre Feed Dispenser (PL65PWB)
Modular Plastic Hand Towel Dispenser (PL30PWB)
Dolphin Plastic Foam Soap Dispenser (BC125)
Black Liquid Soap Dispenser (900ml) (PL20PBK)
Round Adjustable Support Leg - SAA Finish 12-13mm (PK1537)
Dolphin Excel Pouch Foam Soap Dispenser (BC121)
White Plastic Twin Micro Jumbo Toilet Roll Holder (PL46PWH)
Dolphin Single Roll Toilet Roll Holder (BC721)
Dolphin Spare Toilet Roll Holder (BC722)
Conical Height Adjustable Partition Support Leg (0L012)
Delabie Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder With One Piece Cover (566)
Dolphin Polished Stainless Steel Pedal Bin (BC110)