Metal Coat Hooks

Our selection of toilet cubicle coat hooks is available in a variety of materials and finishes including aluminium and stainless steel, with cylindrical, J shape and coat and hat variants available.

Coat hooks come with a black rubber buffer as standard to ensure no impact damage is caused to walls or toilet cubicle partitions when the door is opened.

The majority of these items are held in stock and available for rapid delivery. Order online or speak to one of the Commercial Washrooms team who will be happy to take your order.


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Budget Aluminium Coat Hook with Buffer (T504SA)
Toilet Cubicle Coat Hook (HOOK02)
J Coat Hook with Buffer - Stainless Steel (T510)
Childsplay Children’s Toilet Cubicle Coat Hook (CPCH)
Cubicle Hat and Coat Hook (HOOK01)
Hat and Coat Hook - Stainless Steel (T521S)
Hat and Coat Hook - Stainless Steel (T520)
Heavy Duty Coat & Hat Hook (C4673)
Delabie Eco Robe Hooks (610)
Cylindrical Coat Hook (65mm) - Stainless Steel (T501)
Cylindrical Coat Hook (90mm) - Stainless Steel (T500)
Cubicle Coat Hook - Plastic (C4049)
Tubular Single Coat Hook - Stainless Steel (C5007)
Delabie Round Hook Stainless Steel (301)
Dolphin Single or Double Robe Hook (BC725)
Coat Hook and Doorstop Combination for Glass Cubicle Partitions (562-GSS)
Delabie Double Coat Hook (4042)
Bobrick Cubicle Collection Premium Clothes Hook (B-542)