Toilet Cubicle Brackets

Toilet cubicle brackets and clips available to order online and delivered within 48 hours.

Commercial Washrooms is a principal stockist of toilet cubicle hardware, including the necessary brackets and clips needed to fix cubicle partitions, whether to supporting walls or other partitions and pilasters.

As with our other cubicle hardware ranges, these vary in material and finish, and specialised fixings for glass or children’s cubicles are also available, as are lift off and pull off cubicle panel kits for concealed set-ups using IPS duct set panelling.

Unsure of exactly what you need? Get in touch with the Commercial Washrooms sales team on 01202 650901.


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L-Angle Bracket - Aluminium (Single) (T400SA)
U-Bracket - Aluminium (Single) (T410SA)
L-Angle Bracket - Stainless Steel (Single)
Stainless Steel U-Bracket c/w fixings (Single) (SA3304)
U-Bracket - Stainless Steel (Single) (T410)
Childsplay Cubicle Brackets (Pack of 3) (0BCHAL-CP)
Channel Bracket for 18-21mm Thickness Partitions (Pack of 3) (OB3)
U-Bracket for 18-21mm Thickness Partitions (Pack of 3) (OB6)
U-Shape Channel Bracket for 12-20mm Thickness Partitions (Pack of 3) (PK1989)
Angle Bracket for Glass Cubicle (Patch Bracket) (Single) (T403SM)
Channel Bracket for 12-13mm thickness partitions (Pack of 3) (0BCG2A)
U-Brackets - Aluminium (Pack of 3) (PK1845)
U-Bracket - Stainless Steel (Pack of 3) (PK1040)
Cubicle Wall Channel 1800mm Length SAA (EO1800WALL)
Special Offer
Panel Clips - Lift Off (25 Pairs)
Angle Bracket for Glass Partitions (Single) (552-GSSW)
Angle Bracket for Glass Partitions in an L-Junction (Single) (552-GSSL)
Chameleon Cantilever Frame Wall Mount Bracket (BSFCHAMCF01P01)
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  • 18
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  • of 23 products