Toilet Cubicle Head Rails

Our full range of toilet cubicle head rails is available to order online with delivery available within 48 hours from order.

Whether in need of replacing damaged head rail or simply looking to refresh a tired washroom with new cubicle hardware we can help!

Head rails are available in a range of materials and finishes to ensure that you’ll be able to find something to match both the panel size and style of your toilet cubicles. Choose from stainless steel and aluminium, with different colours also available.

The length of our head rails range from three to four metres long and can be cut down to suit your particular set-up.


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Glass Cubicle : Headrail End Clamp (T900SM/F2)
Glass Cubicle : Headrail T-Section Joint (T900SM/F4)
Plastic Panel / Partition holder (C4001)
Glass Cubicle : Headrail Corner Joint (T900SM/F3)
Plastic Head Rail Wall Fixing Rose - (Single) (C4009)
Glass Cubicle : Adjustable Wall Fixing Rose for Headrail (555/S-GSS)
U-Channel Headrail - Satin Anodised Aluminium (2m) (C5006)
L-Channel Headrail - Aluminium (4m) (T965A)
Glass Cubicle : Headrail Fixing Clamp (T900SM/F1)
U-Channel Headrail - Aluminium (4m) (T975)
D-Channel Headrail - Satin Aluminium (3.5m) (T990SA)
L-Channel Headrail for Childsplay Children’s Cubicles Headrail (0HR1P/4-CP)
L-Channel Headrail - Stainless Steel (3m) (T960)
Plastic Head Rail (4m) (C4014)
D-Channel Headrail - Polished Aluminium (3.5m) (T990PA)
Box Section Column Support Post - Aluminium (4m) (T985)
U-Channel Headrail - Satin Stainless Steel (3m) (T970SSS)
Glass Cubicle : Headrail (3m) (T900SM)
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  • of 18 products