Toilet Cubicle Locks

Locks are a fundamental element when it comes to furnishing your toilet cubicles and at Commercial Washrooms we have an extensive range to choose from. Durable, hard-wearing locks are essential in every washroom environment, both ensuring users privacy and displaying cubicles as engaged at the same time.

Whether you are installing a complete new washroom or looking for replacement locks for your existing cubicles, our locks are available in a wide array of styles and finishes. At Commercial Washrooms, we carry locks suitable for all types of cubicle doors from flush fitting doors to glass, enabling you to have complete freedom in washroom design and style.

All our locks meet standard safety requirements and carry emergency opening features such as coin operated opening. For disabled toilets, we also carry RADAR Disabled Door Locksets, which are perfect for unattended washrooms in environments such as train stations and event venues.

Whatever lock you decide on, you can find it here on Commercial Washrooms. For further assistance contact one of our sales team today on 01202 650900 or simply drop us an email.


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Outward Opening Keep (For 0IB/SA0 Cubicle Locks) (0IB-OOK)
Outward Opening Keep Only - Aluminium (For T204SA Only) (T271SA)
Toilet Cubicle Lock Signal and Master Key (0IBSECSIG01)
U Shaped Outward Opening Keep (For T20 Locks) (T270)
Outward Opening Keep for 0IBCHAL Challenger Lock (0IBK-CHAL)
Outward Opening Keep - Stainless Steel (For PK1026) (MPK1)
New Range
Value Loop Handle Multirol Indicator Bolt (SA0614)
Value Quick Release Toilet Cubicle Lock (0IB3)
Easy Grip Toilet Cubicle Door Lock (SA1038)
Large Quick Release Cubicle Door Lock (SA0630P)
Chamfered Toilet Cubicle Indicator Bolt Lock (0IB1)
Rotating Indicator Bolt - Plastic (C4012)
Radiused Toilet Cubicle Door Lock (0IB1/2)
Rotating Indicator Bolt with Outside Door Knob - Plastic (C4013)
Oval Turn Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (T205)
New Range
Loop Handle Sliding Indicator Bolt (T204SA)
Challenger Toilet Cubicle Lock (0IBCHAL)
Children’s Quick Release Toilet Cubicle Lock (0IB2PRADCP)
Ellipse Quick Release Toilet Cubicle Door Lock (0IB5)
New Range
Value Quick Release Toilet Cubicle Lock and Cover Plates - Horizontal or Vertical (SYS20IBOLT)
£21.00 Now £18.72
Indicator Bolt with Circle Turn Handle - Stainless Steel (T200)
Pilaster Mounted Stainless Steel Lever Arm Toilet Cubicle Lock (T206S)
Universal Indicator Bolt (0IB7)
Loop Handle Sliding Indicator Bolt and Square Cover Plate (T204F5)
Best Seller
Replacement Toilet Cubicle Lock and Cover Plate - Horizontal or Vertical (PK717)
Stainless Steel Indicator Bolt with Lever Turn (T201)
Glass Cubicle Lever Indicator Bolt (T203SM)
Multirol Plus Indicator Bolt Stainless Steel (SA2478)
Arched Handle Toilet Cubicle Lock
Mortice Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (Suitable for 20-46mm doors) (T209-F2)
Mortice Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (Suitable for 30-46mm doors) (T209-F1)
Thumb Turn Indicator Bolt (0IB9)
Stainless Steel Sliding Indicator Bolt with Cover Plate (PK3733)
£33.00 Now £29.70
High Abuse Indicator Bolt (Inward Opening) - Aluminium (PK1844)
Pilaster Mounted Lever Arm Bolt Cubicle Lock (SA2621)
High Abuse Indicator Bolt (Outward Opening) - Aluminium (EL02)
Double Handled Indicator Bolt (DH0IB5)
Snib Indicator Bolt - Stainless Steel (C4028)
Special Offer
Union Disabled Toilet Door Lock (J37651)
£49.00 Now £34.30
Aluminium Hardware Pack 12-13mm - Satin Anodised (SYS12SA)
Aluminium Hardware Pack 18-21mm - Satin Anodised (SYS20SA)
Gemini LED Cubicle Indicator Lock (0IB11)
Special Offer
Lever Handle Mortice Lock with Indicator Set (CW019)
£63.00 Now £56.70
Snib Indicator for Glass Partitions (558-GSS)
Children’s Toilet Cubicle Hardware Pack - Aluminium
Special Offer
RADAR Disabled Door Lockset - Polished Aluminium (H0148502)
£179.00 Now £151.50