Pilaster Mounted Lever Arm Bolt Cubicle Lock (SA2621)

Pilaster mounted lever arm toilet cubicle lock manufactured of robust SAA (satin anodised aluminium). A very simple yet stylish and timeless design. The lock has no sliding parts and so no keep is required to secure the toilet cubicle door closed.

The pilaster mounted lever arm toilet cubicle lock includes an indicator bolt.  The indicator for the lever arm lock also allows for emergency access. The center pin can be turned by a flat head screwdriver, coin or similar tool. Turning it from the outside will rotate the lock handle within the toilet cubicle so staff can gain access in event of an emergency.

Mounting the lever arm toilet cubicle lock on the pilaster allows it to work with normal inward opening toilet cubicles. Mounting the toilet cubicle lock on the door allows it to work with outward opening cubicle doors. Only 3 holes need to be drilled in the panel or the door the lock is being fitted to.

The turning bolt also has a black plastic buffer upon so as to reduce damage to toilet cubicle panels if the door is swung open violently.


  • Plastic buffers to protect panels
  • Emergency access
  • Indicator bolt included
  • No keep reuired
  • Suitable for inward and outward opening doors
£31.50 inc VAT (£31.50 exc VAT)
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