Union Disabled Toilet Door Lock (J37651)

Suitable for use in: Disabled Toilets

This lock is designed to allow easy access to toilets for those with disabilities.

The lock has recently been re-designed so that it is no longer necessary to determine if a left or right handed lock is needed, as it is now universal.

Designed with a large lever mechanism linking the inside handle to the lock, the lock can easily be activated by rotating the handle 90° to the vertical position, and disengaged by returning it to the horizontal position. This can be limited to 30° by a screw through the centre of the back plate. The occupied position can be seen from the outside by a Red/White occupancy indicator.

Coated in TouchClean® Anti-Bacterial Coating to protect against bacteria and mould organisms. To clean simply use warm water and a cloth.

The lock is surface mounted with a bolt-through fixing and can be fixed directly to a cubicle or flush panel door.

The exterior pull handle can be fitted at 90°, 180°, 270° or 360° to the vertical. Exterior handle projection is 44mm, interior handle projection is 77mm, and bolt length is 41mm, making it suitable for standard doors.

Comes in silver anodised finish. Made from aluminium with black plastic moulded end caps.

Was £49.00 Now £34.30 exc VAT (£34.30 inc VAT)