Washroom Ventilation

Washroom ventilation is vitally important in creating a comfortable, hygienic washroom environment where the fixtures and fittings will last the test of time.

The most common and noticeable sign of poor ventilation is bad odours lingering in the washrooms, however less noticed but equally likely is excessive condensation which will promote the growth of bacteria and mould around the windows, on the walls in any tile grout and corners where fixtures and fittings meet walls. Ventilation is even more important if showering or bathing facilities are installed within the commercial washroom as these facilities will emit steam and large volumes of water during use which will exasperate any issues with the existing ventilation.

Excessive condensation will also accelerate the wear on commercial bathroom fixtures and fittings, if you have any kind of laminated wood furniture or paneling such as toilet cubicles and vanity units with the onset of damp the veneer may begin peeling off the wooden substrate. Water stains will also take hold on stainless steel and aluminium fixtures such as taps, shower valves and hardware.

Washroom ventilation issues can be solved by installing a correctly specified and reliable bathroom exhaust fan, which will create a healthy hygienic washroom, draw out bad odour and moisture in the air and prolong the life of the fixtures and fittings installed.


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