Washroom Dispensers

Commercial Washrooms is the UK’s leading online supplier of washroom dispensers designed for the commercial market. Our range is suited for all commercial uses including schools, office toilets, leisure centres amongst many others.

Available in an array of styles and finishes we aim to supply everything from wall mounted soap dispensers and paper towel holders to lockable toilet roll holders, consumables and more. We offer a choice of finish and colours; including chrome, plastic and stainless steel.

Whether you're budget is cheap and functional or expensive and prestige, we're confident we can help. Order online or call our experienced sales team on 01202 650900.


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Budget Aluminum Toilet Roll Holder (T602SA)
Aluminium Sprung Toilet Roll Holder (T01)
Toilet Roll Holder Budget Pattern - Stainless Steel (T610)
DVS BioUrinal Sleeve - Refill (UC00-017)
Vandal Resistant Toilet Roll Holder (T02)
Modular Plastic Sanitary Bag Dispenser (PL09PWB)
Multi Flat Tissue Dispenser (PL50PWB)
Value Plastic Modular Liquid Refillable Soap Dispenser (PL10PWB)
Dolphin Excel Mini Jumbo Dispenser (BC325W)
Modular Plastic Toilet Roll Dispenser (PL40PWB)
Modular Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser (PL55PWB)
DVS BioUrinal Sleeve (UC00-007)
Modular Plastic Centre Feed Dispenser (PL65PWB)
Dolphin Excel Liquid Soap Bulk Fill Dispenser (BC123)
Dolphin Excel Liquid Soap Dispenser Cartridge Fill (BC124)
Dolphin Excel Paper Towel Dispenser (BC528W)
Uridan Uriclean 500ml Biodegradable Blocking Cleaning Fluid (ZZGFPX003)
Modular Plastic Hand Towel Dispenser (PL30PWB)