Commercial Soap Dispensers

Assortment of soap dispensers intended for commercial washroom use. We are pleased to showcase one of the largest selections of commercial soap dispensers available.

Choose from a variety of sizes and material types, including stainless steel and ABS plastic, and between traditional, manually operated dispensers, automatics, semi-recessed for wall installation, and counter-top variants.

Our focus on the commercial washroom marketplace ensures that no matter the budget and style of the washroom, we will be able to supply a dispenser which looks and acts the part. Buy online or call our sales team to order over the phone.


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Value Plastic Modular Liquid Refillable Soap Dispenser (PL10PWB)
Dolphin Excel Liquid Soap Bulk Fill Dispenser (BC233)
Dolphin Excel Liquid Soap Dispenser Cartridge Fill (BC124)
Dolphin Plastic Foam Soap Dispenser (BC125)
Black Liquid Soap Dispenser (900ml) (PL20PBK)
Dolphin Excel Pouch Foam Soap Dispenser (BC234)
Best Seller
Stainless Steel Soap Bottle Holders (PL03MBS)
Modular Foam Refillable Soap Dispenser (PL12PWB)
Kiddies Colourful Plastic Soap Dispenser (DEB)
£19.00 Now £9.50
Bobrick LiquidMate™ Surface Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser (B-155)
Delabie Corner Wall Mounted Wire Soap Basket (3569)
New Range
Liquid Soap Dispenser (550ml) Soft Touch Black Plastic (714NE)
Dolphin Mini Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser (BC583)
Dolphin Stainless Steel Horizontal Soap Dispenser (BC913)
Brushed Stainless 400ml Toilet Seat Sanitiser (PL11SMBS)
Mercury Soap Dispenser 900ml (PL20PBS)
Stainless Steel 1200ml Vertical Refillable Liquid Soap Dispenser (PL23MBS)
White Metal 900ml Refillable Soap Dispenser (PL20LMWH)