Toilet Roll Dispensers

At Commercial Washrooms we provide a variety of different toilet roll dispensers for use in commercial settings; from jumbo dispensers which use large industrial sized rolls in heavy use areas, to those that can hold a number of standard size rolls.

Our dispensers vary by finish, style and size - we have something to suit all commercial environments. We stock everything from vandal resistant, lockable dispensers in robust stainless steel to those with budget and functionality in mind.

Customers include schools, offices, public toilets and many more. Our helpful sales staff will be happy to answer any queries so call us today on 01202 650900.


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Budget Aluminum Toilet Roll Holder (T602SA)
Aluminium Sprung Toilet Roll Holder (T01)
Toilet Roll Holder Budget Pattern - Stainless Steel (T610)
Vandal Resistant Toilet Roll Holder (T02)
Modular Plastic Sanitary Bag Dispenser (PL09PWB)
Multi Flat Tissue Dispenser (PL50PWB)
Dolphin Excel Mini Jumbo Dispenser (BC325W)
Modular Plastic Toilet Roll Dispenser (PL40PWB)
Modular Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser (PL55PWB)
White Plastic Twin Micro Jumbo Toilet Roll Holder (PL46PWH)
Dolphin Single Roll Toilet Roll Holder (BC721)
Stainless Steel Standard Size Toilet Roll Holder (T600SSS)
Franke Toilet Roll Holder with Cover (BS677)
Dolphin Spare Toilet Roll Holder (BC722)
White Metal Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser (PLH40MWH)
£19.00 Now £16.00
White Metal Bulkpack / Multiflat Tissue Dispenser (PL50MWH)
Stainless Steel Sanitary Bag Dispenser (BC278)
Delabie Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder With One Piece Cover (566)