The Dolphin Alavo Mirror System

Alavo Mirror Unit | Commercial Washrooms

When space is at a premium, and energy efficiency is a priority, the Alavo touch-free, mirror unit handwash system from Dolphin has got all the answers - quick to install, easy to replenish, and a pleasure to use.

The Dolphin Alavo Mirror System | What Is Alavo? | Commercial Washrooms

What Is Alavo?

Ideal for Concealing taps, soap dispensers, high-speed low-energy hand dryers and paper towels behind a mirror, Alavo is a made-to-measure washwall system from Dolphin. An all-encompassing unit, Alavo offers outstanding water, energy, space, time and money savings. Installation is rapid thanks to a few simple plug-and-play steps and regular maintenance and replenishments are simplified. Most importantly, behind mirror facilities provide a sleek and stylish washroom with clean lines and no clutter.

The Power Of Alavo

The Power Of Alavo | Commercial Washrooms

Alavo Layouts

The Dolphin Alavo Mirror System In Situ | Commercial Washrooms

Alavo is available in both a single-user and multi-user layouts, that will accommodate all the handwashing and drying components in a single unit or across an entire vanity area.

The single user unit creates an ideal solution for Superloosor self-contained toilets. The single-user system is available in three standard widths: 650mm, 800mm and 950mm.

This multi-user option can stretch as wide as your washroom requires, with the only limiting factor being the size of your washroom. The smallest multi-user unit is 1200mm with two taps.

Key Features


The system is designed to ensure all water services are fully accessible for future maintenance by just unlocking the mirror flaps. Can be supplied with any of the following: Circulating hot water loop, Trace heating compatibility, Point of use heating facility, TMV3 thermostatic valves, Single cold water feed, Hygienic and easy to use infrared sensor tap outlets delivering a water saving of up to 70%.

Alavo Water Solutions | Commercial Washrooms

Alavo Soap Dispenser | Commercial Washrooms


An automatic WELL Standard compliant foam soap cartridge system dispenses a pre-measured quantity of foam soap when a hand is placed beneath the sensor. The 3.5 litre cartridge will dispense approximately 10,000 shots per cartridge. A handy ‘Refill’ LED warning light illuminates on the mirror when refilling is required, meaning maintenance is made easy.


The Alavo Mirror System allows for interchangeable drying solutions. Choose from a high-velocity hand dryer, which can dry hands in as little as 13 seconds and use up to 70% less energy than conventional hand dryers. Or a paper towel dispenser for WELL compliance which is also complemented by an illuminated refill light to indicate when paper towels are running low.

Alavo Hand Drying | Commercial Washrooms

To speak to someone about the supply and installation of The Dolphin Alavo Mirror System in your washroom, get in touch with one of the team today on 01202 650900.