Fold Down Baby Change Stations

Our great value range of fold down changing tables are ideal for use in restaurants, shopping centres, leisure facilities, and other public areas. The fold down changing table units can be secured and mounted on to a wall using heavy-duty fixings; giving peace of mind for parents and minders.

We also sell a variety of other wall mounted baby changing stations so you can find the right fold down changing table for you and your commercial washroom.

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Save Space with Fold Down Baby Change Stations

Fold down baby change tables are ideal for rooms with limited space as their hinge mechanism allows the unit to be folded neatly against the wall when not in use. Vertical and horizontal folding options available.

Many common questions and general advice regarding baby change tables can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Baby Changing Units information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our baby changing units have been included.

Our fold down changing table products can be purchased directly through the Commercial Washrooms website or by contacting our experienced sales team who will be happy to offer advice and guidance.

Fold Down Changing Table FAQ

How much weight can a baby changing station hold?

How much weight a fold down baby change table can hold will vary across brands and models so it is important for you to check the weight capacity of a baby changing unit before purchasing it. That said, many of our fold down changing tables are designed to hold infants weighing less than 50 pounds and younger than 3.5 years of age. 

Benefits of a fold down changing table

  • They are space efficient - fold down changing tables are space-saving alternatives to other wall mounted baby change stations. This is because they can easily be folded up against the wall when not in use so it does not obstruct your washroom.

  • They are easy to use - simply pull the fold down changing table to use it or push it back up when you’re finished.  

  • They keep your washroom neat and tidy - with vertical and horizontal fold down changing tables available, both styles can be neatly pressed up against the wall when they’re not in use, keeping your washroom space more open.

  • They are easy to clean - A fold down baby change table can be cleaned by simply wiping down the area with soap, water and disinfectant. It is important to keep a fold down changing table clean so that it is a hygienic area for the baby to be changed. 

How tall is a baby changing table?

How tall a baby changing table is can vary and there is no fixed regulation height that baby changing units should be fixed to. That said, many manufacturers suggest a mounting height of around 730mm-800mm from the floor to the base of your fold down changing table will be comfortable for most users. 

We recommend that you check and refer to your specific fold down changing table’s fitting instructions. 

Are baby changing stations required by law?

Currently there is not a legal requirement for buildings to provide baby changing stations, however, the British Toilet Association states that there should be at least one unisex baby changing facility for every 10,000 people using an area (or one in a male washroom and one in a female washroom). 

It is also important for a business to consider having a baby changing facility on their premises so that there is a safe, hygienic and convenient environment for babies to be changed. Having a baby changing facility such as a fold down changing table in a washroom will demonstrate your understanding of a customer’s needs which can have a positive impact on your business.