Gyms, Leisure and Sports Centre Changing Room  Refurbishment

Expert Changing Room Refurbishment Company for Gymnasiums, Leisure Centres and Sports Centres from Design to Installation

Expert Sports Centre, Leisure Centre and Gymnasium Refurbishment Company, from Design to Installation

Our Changing Room Refurbishment Design Team offer a fully managed service throughout the South of the UK from our Dorset and London offices. They offer a turnkey solution that includes designing, stripping out, and dismantling existing changing rooms and managing the relevant tradesmen and installers.

Commercial Washrooms Ltd has been designing, supplying and Refurbishing Sports Centre Changing Rooms, Leisure Centre Changing Rooms and Gymnasium Locker Rooms since 1999. We're proud to be the UK's leading specialist.

Our Project Surveyors are experienced staff members responsible for compiling your Changing Room Design quote and specification. It all starts with a site visit to your Gym, Sports Centre, or Leisure Centre to ensure we get all the information we need, including your room layouts and dimensions. The visit allows you to ask any questions or make any requests you might have. From there, we can create an all-inclusive quote, specification, and CAD drawings to better understand the finish, layout, and costs you should expect.

Get in touch to discuss your Sports Changing Room Refurbishment project.

Your Changing Room is often the first place that your customers see. A pleasant Changing experience is important to leave a great impression. 

The requirements for a Changing Room Refurbishment will depend on the type of Changing Room. Swimming pool changing Rooms require Wet Area Lockers, and Gyms and Leisure Centres will need Dry Area Lockers and Benches.

You will then need to consider Coathook Rails, Sports Showers, Changing Cubicles, Sanitaryware and Baby Changing Tables - luckily, we are experts in Changing Room Design, and are here to help.


Contact School Toilet Refurbishment TeamContact School Toilet Refurbishment Team

1. Initial Consultation

It all starts with a conversation. Get in touch with us and let us know the size and functionality required within your Changing Room Refurbishment.

School Toilet Refurbishment Site SurveySchool Toilet Refurbishment Site Survey

2. Site Visit and Survey

We’ll arrange a time to come and visit your site or building to scope the extent of the work that needs doing and discuss your needs further.

Contact School Toilet Refurbishment TeamContact School Toilet Refurbishment Team

3. Design Specification

Our design team will then draw up, through CAD and CGI’s, how your end product will look for you to review and approve.

School Toilet Refurbishment InstallationSchool Toilet Refurbishment Installation

4. Installation

Our installation specialists will have the project completed within a specified timeframe, including all building work and product installation.

Changing Room Furniture - Lockers and Benches

We have a large range of Changing Room Furniture for Gymnasiums, Sports Centres and Leisure Centres, including:

Wet Area Lockers, Dry Area Lockers, Changing Room Benches, Baby Changing Tables and Coat Hook Rails


Changing Room related Case Studies and Blogs

Torquay Academy Changing Room Refurbishment

The existing Changing Facilities at Torquay Academy had a very common layout, with simple benches and some very tired-looking showers, sinks, and toilets.

However, rather than a simple refresh, the school principal pushed for a Changing Room Refurbishment that met the standards of Premier League football teams. 

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Have you ever wondered why Changing Room Lockers have holes in them? Or what is the collective noun for a group of Lockers? 

Even if you haven’t, aren’t you curious now? These are just a few things you can learn from this article. We’ve also got a rapid roundup on the history of lockers and some intriguing stories of how lockers are being used in modern times. 

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The Complete Guide to Changing Room Sizes

Sports Centre Changing rooms are an often overlooked part of a facility, but they’re more important than you might think.

You could run the best-equipped gym in the area, but if your changing rooms aren’t up to scratch, gymgoers will head to your rivals’ gyms instead. The same goes for Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools, and anywhere else people need to change.

For your business to make a good impression, your changing rooms must satisfy the demands of safety, hygiene, comfort, privacy, and accessibility