Urinal Flush Controls

Urinal flush controls are available as manual or sensor-operated systems. Controlling how and when urinals are flushing can drastically help to save water in a commercial building. They are frequently installed in schools, offices, leisure facilities and many others. Order online or contact our trained estimators for a full quote and specification.

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Urinal flush controls for all environments

Our range of urinal flush valves complement our commercial urinals, offering your visitors, clients and customers practical urinal flush controls that keep your washroom clean and inviting. 

Urinal Flush Controls fall into 4 categories:

(1) Individual sensor flush - each urinal has an independent infra-red sensor to flush a single urinal bowl after each use.

(2) Individual manual push button flush - each urinal has an independent push button to flush a single urinal bowl after each use.

(3) Group sensor flush - 2 or more urinals are connected to 1 sensor which will flush all the connected urinals after a single use.

(4) Group manual flush - 2 or more urinals are connected to a hydraulic valve which will flush all the connected urinals when the washroom is in use.

Depending on the type of environment in which the urinal system is to be installed, Commercial Washrooms can offer specialist advice on the most cost-effective and water-efficient urinal flush control to use. Contact the team for more information.

Urinal Flush Valve FAQs

How does a urinal flush valve work?

A urinal flush control system is installed in line with the water supply inlet pipe into the cistern. When there is a pressure drop, the urinal flush valve will release a measured amount of water into the urinal cistern.

Urinal flush control is necessary for preventing unnecessary flushing and water wastage. 

How do automatic flush urinals work?

Automatic flush urinals have sensors which can detect the user. Once a person is detected, the urinal flush valve is activated and the urinal will flush, keeping the cistern clean, and hygienic and helping to remove odours. 

Why not read our blog on understanding urinals and how they flush for more information?

Which urinal flush valve do I need? 

When deciding on the right urinal flush control for your commercial washroom, you should consider the size of your washroom and the amount of traffic it sees. For example, if you have a particularly high number of people using your washroom facilities each day you might consider sensor urinal flush controls as this will be more hygienic. 

If you’re not sure which urinal flush control system you need, or if you have questions about any of our products, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help. 

What are the benefits of installing a urinal flush valve? 

Having a urinal flush control system has many benefits, including:

  • They help to keep washrooms clean and odour-free.

  • You can get automatic urinal flush valves which are more hygienic as they reduce the risk of contamination from touching handles and buttons.

  • They are affordable - here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell urinal flush controls for as little as £46.00 so you can find a urinal flush valve to suit your budget. 

  • They don’t require much maintenance - once a urinal flush valve is installed, and the sensor is correctly adjusted, it will function by itself. This also means that you’ll have more time to spend cleaning other areas of the washroom to keep it clean to a high standard which will reflect better on your business.