Commercial Shower Cubicles

Commercial Washrooms is one of the UK's leading suppliers of commercial shower cubicles. Our range of commercial shower cubicles is perfect for use in a variety of settings, from schools and offices to holiday parks and sports clubs. 

View our prices online or request a bespoke quotation based on your shower area layout.

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  1. Ultra Fast Delivery Toilet Cubicle Packs
    Ultra Fast Delivery SGL Cubicle Packs
    As low as £490.80 £409.00

  2. Replacement Shower Cubicle Partitions
    Replacement Shower Cubicle Partitions - SGL
    £554.40 £462.00

  3. Laminate Wall Panelling System
    Laminate Wall Panelling System
    £600.00 £500.00

  4.  Solid Grade Laminate Shower Cubicles
    Ultra Shower Cubicles (Solid Grade Laminate)
    As low as £626.40 £522.00

  5. Eclipse Sheer Glass Toilet Cubicles Range
    Eclipse Sheer Glass Toilet Cubicles Range
    As low as £759.60 £633.00

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Bespoke Commercial Shower Cubicles for any Environment

The range of commercial shower cubicles and shower panelling offered is designed for use in all communal shower areas and commercial changing rooms. These products have been collated with water resistance, durability and aesthetic appeal in mind. They offer privacy while showering, vital in all commercial environments.

Our shower cubicles and wall panelling products can be installed into most commercial washroom settings. Customers include schools, holiday parks, leisure centres, sports clubs, and offices amongst many others. The products are manufactured bespoke to the client’s room dimensions and needs, allowing for every room layout and use.

Many common questions and general advice on shower cubicles can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Shower Cubicles information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our shower cubicles have been included.

Commercial Washrooms offers a full shower cubicles installation service to complement the range, please contact a member of the sales team for further information.