Urinal Packs

A range of urinal packs from leading UK sanitary ware manufacturers including Armitage Shanks that are easy to install and maintain. Our convenient urinal packs include all the relevant urinal parts needed, including a urinal cistern, flush pipes, urinal bowls, spreaders and wastes. The urinal packs are suitable for 1-4 users and include options for exposed and concealed cistern installations. Explore our full range of urinals if you are looking to purchase individual parts.

Urinal packs for commercial washrooms

Our urinal pack products are made from high-quality vitreous china and are manufactured from leading brands such as Armitage Shanks. Order a urinal set to complete your washroom facilities today and benefit from fast UK-wide delivery. 

We also sell sanitaryware items such as urinals, urinal flush controls, urinal cisterns and other urinal accessories separately, should you require replacement parts or wish to purchase urinal parts individually. 

Got a washroom refurbishment project in mind? Here at Commercial Washrooms, we offer a supply and fit service and can install the urinal set of your choosing, helping to bring your washroom to life! If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, or have any questions about our urinal pack products, please get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. 

Urinal pack FAQs

What is a urinal pack?

A urinal pack is a product which contains a full urinal set (urinal, cistern, flush controls and possibly other sanitaryware accessories depending on the type of urinal pack you choose). They are ideal for commercial washrooms as they contain everything you need to fit new urinals and can be found in a traditional or more modern style to suit your preference. 

What different types of urinal sets are there?

  • Concealed urinal set - concealed urinal cisterns feature urinal cisterns which sit behind a wall or IPS duct panel, hiding pipework from a user’s view. They are ideal for modern bathrooms thanks to their seamless design. 

  • Exposed urinal set - exposed urinal cisterns feature exposed plumbing and pipework, which can really work for more traditional bathroom toilets.

  • 2 bowl urinal set - a 2 bowl urinal set is a type of urinal pack which includes two urinal bowls which share a cistern. These are perfect for larger commercial washrooms which see high traffic.

Not sure which urinal set is right for you? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us - we’d be happy to help!

How much is a urinal pack?

The cost of a urinal pack will vary depending on what’s included and across different models. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell urinal sets at competitive prices to suit all budgets, with urinal pack options starting from just £106.00.

How do I choose the right urinal set for my washroom?

If you’re not sure which urinal set to go for, consider the following:

  • How big is your washroom? - for a more space efficient option, you could consider a 2 bowl urinal set as this will offer more urinals in your facilities.

  • What’s your budget? - you should take your budget into consideration as this may influence the urinal pack you choose.

  • What is the style of your washroom? - if you have a traditional washroom, then a urinal pack featuring exposed urinal cisterns are ideal, whereas a modern bathroom could benefit from a concealed urinal set which has a more smart and seamless appearance.

  • How easy will it be to access the urinal cistern? - concealed cisterns may require the removal of an IPS panel whereas exposed urinal cisterns are within easy reach for quick access. 

  • What features and unreal accessories are included? Take a look at a range of urinal set options and what they include. Typically, the more that is included with a urinal pack, the higher the price. 

Why buy a urinal pack?

By ordering a urinal pack, you can save yourself the hassle of ordering individual urinal parts for your washroom, so you have everything you need to install your urinals. They can be a more cost-effective option and you can rely on Commercial Washrooms to deliver a high-quality urinal set that’s designed to last.