Commercial Shower Heads

Great value commercial shower heads ideal for your commercial showers, shower cubicles & changing rooms. We supply shower heads at good prices for a range of environments including offices, schools, hospitals, and leisure centre changing rooms. We stock the top styles of shower heads; from fixed shower heads, to swivel shower heads, and concealed shower heads to exposed shower heads- we have you covered.

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Concealed and Exposed Shower Heads at great prices

Our range of shower heads includes specific anti-vandal and anti-ligature heads from the top brands, ideal for hospitals and schools where there is a risk of the shower heads being damaged or of the potential concern for the users harming themselves.

Shower head installers can choose from concealed or exposed shower heads. Concealed shower heads allow water pipes to be installed into a wall duct or cavity so that pipes are completely concealed. Exposed shower heads allow installers to avoid any timely building works so that water feeds are surface mounted. See below for more information on some of the different designs and styles of shower head we stock:


Round Shower Heads


At Commercial Washrooms, we sell the best range of round shower head products, coming in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary designs and finishes, such as white and chrome. Order from our range of round shower heads today for a shower head built from quality materials that will compliment the design of your washroom.


Fixed Shower Heads


Fixed shower heads are a popular style of shower head product, wherein the shower head is affixed directly to the wall, instead of being moveable. This style of shower head lends itself to some modern, high-quality designs to utilise in your washrooms and bathrooms, such as large, waterfall-style shower heads, smaller vandal-resistant shower heads and more.

Swivel Shower Heads

Our range of Swivel Shower Heads are something of an opposite to fixed shower heads; featuring shower heads that can be detached and moved around at will, rather than being fixed in one place. Our swivel shower heads come in a range of styles, designs and finishes to fit any commercial washroom or bathroom environment. We also sell shower handsets that come with built in panels, for a more complete product for your washrooms. You can see our range of shower handsets and panels here.

Shower Heads FAQs


How to Clean a Shower Head?


To clean and descale the shower heads in your washrooms, the most common method is to use white vinegar. Simply unscrew the shower head (larger shower heads may have a quick release mechanism instead) and leave them submerged in white vinegar. The acidic properties of white vinegar will clear away limescale, leaving your shower head good as new.


How to Clean a Shower Head without Vinegar?


If you’ve used vinegar to clear away limescale before and not been happy with the results, there are a few other methods you can try. Using gloves, you can coat your shower head in a paste of Baking Soda and warm water; leave the solution to sit for 15 minutes before wiping it away with a warm cloth. This should also clear away any limescale buildup on your shower heads. 

You can also use a dedicated cleanser product and a brush for a more hands-on solution; simply scrub away the limescale manually using the brush to clean up your shower heads.


How do High-Pressure Shower Heads work?


A high pressure shower head works by condensing the shower head’s spray, due to there being fewer holes for the water to flow out of, thereby increasing the water pressure. In short, high pressure shower heads tend to instill pressure on their own, through their design. This handily means there is no need for you to do anything to get high pressure shower heads to work.



For helpful advice concerning any of our shower heads and shower valves please contact our specialist sales team. Many common questions and general advice on our shower heads and other shower products can be found by reading our blog. You can also browse our Washroom Case Studies, where many of our shower head products have been included.