Drinking Fountains

Water drinking fountains are manufactured from stainless steel to be robust and easy to maintain. Choose from wall-hung units or floor-standing drinking fountains for use in workplaces and commercial washroom facilities such as gyms. Buy online for quick delivery from stock. We supply drinking water fountains for schools, offices and other busy commercial and public environments.

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Drinking Fountains for any Commercial Washroom

Our range of drinking fountains is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, making them vandal-resistant and highly durable. Many of the drinking water fountains in our range are suitable for internal or outside use and can suit any busy commercial setting. Users can drink water directly from our bubbler taps, or refill a bottle with water from one of our numerous bottle fillers.

Bubblers, bottle fillers and drinking fountains are frequently installed in schools, where keeping hydrated is of utmost importance. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, young children have a higher proportion of body water than adults, meaning they will need easy access to water facilities to maintain good cognitive and motor skills. 

Our drinking water fountains are also ideal for use in other commercial environments, such as offices, gyms, and other general washroom areas. Staff and visitors in these buildings need to maintain hydration, particularly as many are more active in the modern world.

Many common questions and general advice regarding drinking fountains can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the Drinking Fountains information and questions page. You can also browse our Washroom Case Studies, where you can see many of our drinking fountain projects.

For help and support, or to purchase replacement drinking fountain taps and spares, including universal parts please call our helpful sales team.

Drinking Fountain FAQs

Is drinking fountain water safe?

Public drinking water fountains are safe to drink. However, the surfaces may contain a host of germs and bacteria if not regularly cleaned (particularly around the spout and button area).

What are the benefits of drinking fountains?

Drinking fountains are great for encouraging people to reuse bottles and helping to avoid plastic waste. They are also very convenient due to being low maintenance, and, when located in public environments, people can easily access them to keep hydrated.

Are drinking fountains filtered? 

Filters are used in drinking fountains as they use circulated water. Without a filter, water could be dirty.  

How to adjust the water pressure on a drinking fountain

When adjusting the pressure of a drinking fountain, it is the water flow you are looking to adjust. It is important to get a steady water flow as too much could allow water to leak over the basin, and too little will make it more difficult for users to get a sufficient amount of water. Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Locate and remove the screws which are holding the cover of the drinking fountain in place.

  • Find the drinking fountainhead water adjustment screw (this is usually located under a valve which activates the water flow).

  • Then, push the valve button or turn the valve handle to activate the water flow.

  • You will now need to insert and rotate a screwdriver (the screwdriver required will depend on the drinking fountain model) counterclockwise to increase the water flow, or, clockwise to decrease the flow. 

  • When you are satisfied with the water flow, replace the drinking fountain cover. 

How to clean a drinking water fountain

You can clean the surface of a drinking fountain simply with warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid. This will remove the majority of the dirt without damaging the stainless steel or posing a health risk to the user who drinks from it. Drinking fountains should be cleaned regularly and wiped with an antibacterial surface cleaner every week. With regards to the water pipes, they should be sanitised once every six months (contact your water supplier for more information). 

How to drink from a water fountain

A typical water drinking fountain has a spout, basin and a button to press whilst taking a drink. If you are conscious of getting too close to the spout (to avoid coming into contact with any germs), simply press the button to start the water flow and take sips of the water from as close of a distance as you are comfortable with.