Hand Dryers

We are pleased to offer a wide and varied selection of electric hand dryers, designed for commercial washrooms which are ready to be installed.. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary Dyson Airblade, a quiet, low-power hand dryer that’s eco-friendly, or simply an alternative to paper towel dispensers, we offer commercial hand dryers to suit every  washroom environment.

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Commercial hand dryers in a variety of styles and finishes

Electric hand dryers are an efficient and hygienic way to dry hands.Our range of products includes low cost, budget options, right through to the high end, sophisticated models like the BioDryer Executive. Our electric hand dryers are supplied in a variety of colours and finishes, including stainless steel, ABS plastic, and even ceramic options.

Shop from a variety of the best electric hand dryer models, including high-speed jet blade hand dryers and blowdown hand dryers, in classic white or polished and satin-finished stainless steel. Whatever your washroom requirements, we hope to find the right  solution for your hand drying needs.

Our commercial hand dryer range is robust and designed to withstand most commercial environments. Our clients include schools, offices, entertainment venues, and many more. Our experienced team is on hand to discuss your washroom requirements , and to give out any advice on what style of commercial hand dryer would work best for you.

Types of hand dryers to choose from

Blade Hand Dryers

Blade Hand Dryers can be a more energy-efficient option and are one of our most popular types of electric hand dryer, with products from trusted brands like Dyson and Mitsubishi. What sets them apart from other dryers is how they work. Instead of placing your hands under the appliance, the user will place their hands down into the dryer which blasts them with air to remove moisture at high speed.They feature eco-friendly jet blade technology and can dry hands in under 10 seconds, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. 

Blow Down Hand Dryers

Blow Down Hand Dryers are what you will probably recognise as the classic electric hand dryer design for washrooms and other commercial settings. Made from high-quality materials and available to buy in a range of styles and finishes, blow-down hand dryers dry hands in approximately 23 seconds, and are popular in schools, restaurants,leisure centres and other commercial washroom facilities.

Looking for a particular hand dryer model that isn’t listed? then get in touch over email or on 01202 650900 today - we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we also stock other essential washroom products, including commercial hair dryers, toilet cubicles, showers, vanity units and more.If you’ve got a washroom refurbishment project in mind, we offer supply and fit services to bring your project to life! 


How much is a hand dryer?

The cost of a hand dryer will be dependent on a number of factors, including the type of appliance you choose, the brand, how it operates and whether it has any special features such as quick-drying technology. Here at Commercial Washrooms, our more basic range of hand dryers start from just £42.00.

How do hand dryers work?

Many traditional hand dryers work by blowing warm air at a person’s hands which are placed beneath them. The pressure of the air will blow away water droplets and the heat of the air will remove the moisture from hands. Behind the scenes, the dryer’s motor will draw power from the mains supply to get the fan moving (and blow out the air). Essentially, air is taken from the surrounding area, heated and blown back into the room. 

That said, you can find different types of hand dryers which operate in other ways. For example, fast-drying airblade hand dryers feature special jet blade technology which blasts air at a user’s hands at a high speed so they’ll dry quicker. The air will also usually pass through a HEPA filter which removes particles and pollutants.These types of hand dryers will still use a motor and fan, but as they work with high air pressure, energy isn’t used to heat the air.

In terms of operating hand dryers, you’ll usually need to push a button or they will work automatically when they detect a motion. 

How many hand dryers do I need?

The number of hand dryers you’ll need to install in your washroom will depend on the amount of traffic you usually have in the washroom, the types of hand dryers you choose (as some will have a slower drying time than others). Whilst there’s no set regulation for the number of dryers you need, you’ll want to ensure that users have a positive experience and aren’t left with wet hands!

That said, for low traffic washrooms (less than 100 uses each day), one hot air hand dryer per washbasin should be enough (or one high-speed dryer for five washbasins). For medium traffic washrooms (100-300 uses each day), one hot air hand dryer for every two washbasins should suffice (or one high-speed dryer for three washbasins). Finally, for high traffic washrooms (over 300 uses each day), you’ll want more hand dryers and may consider having a dryer for each basin (or, one high speed hand dryer for every two washbasins).

What height should a hand dryer be?

The height at which a commercial hand dryer should be installed will depend on who the appliance will be used by and the type of dryer it is. Generally, a blade hand dryer will be installed at a height of 300mm and 350mm for adults, 150mm for children under age 10, 250mm for children aged 11 to 17 and 100mm for disabled toilets.

In terms of blow-down hand dryers, these are typically installed at a height of between 1040mm and 1090mm for adults, 840mm for children under age 10, 990mm for children aged 11 to 17 and 890mm for disabled toilets.

Mounting your hand dryers at the right height is essential as it ensures that users can operate them easily.

Benefits of hand dryers

Your washroom can benefit from hand dryers in a number of ways, including:

  • They can be more eco-friendly than paper towels and create less waste.

  • They’re easy to maintain and reduce the need to replenish paper towels.

  • They can be more hygienic as automatic hand dryers don’t require touch operation.

How to choose a hand dryer

Finding the right commercial hand dryer to suit your needs can be tricky. Below we’ve listed a few considerations you can make to help guide you:

  • Speed - some dryers will have quicker dry times than others. For example, some dryers can dry hands completely within just 10 seconds. A product with fast-drying attributes can be more beneficial as they use less energy, keep washroom traffic flowing and offer a better experience for users. 

  • Energy efficiency - you’ll want to think about costs in the long-run, so choosing a product which uses less kilowatts will help you save money on your energy bills.

  • Hygiene - some products will be more hygienic than others. For example, you can find automatic hand dryers which don’t require users to touch them, which helps to prevent the spread of bacteria.

  • Noise - if your washroom is located near a quiet space, you should consider an option which will have lower noise levels.

  • Size - if you’re short on space, you can find a more compact option which does not protrude as far from the wall. 

  • Style - consider the look of your facilities. If you have a modern washroom, you may wish to consider a product which has a sleek, modern design.

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