Blow Down Hand Dryers

We boast a wide range of conventional Blow Down Hot Air Hand Dryers as part of our Washroom Electrical Products range from high quality brands, made in a variety of materials and finishes, readily available for order and quick delivery via the Commercial Washrooms website.

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Blow down air hand dryers for commercial environments

Readily available for order and quick delivery via the Commercial Washrooms website, our hot air hand dryers are a cheaper option to the blade style also available.

Choose from hot air hand dryers manufactured from both ABS plastic and steel, with finishes available in chrome, white, black, brushed and polished stainless steel. We supply both manual and automatic hot air hand dryers and aim to supply a solution for all commercial washroom environments. In addition, we also supply children's hand dryers designed especially for use in primary schools and nurseries.

With partner relationships in place with leading commercial hand dryer manufacturers and brands such as Franke, Biodrier and Dyson, the Commercial Washrooms store aims to supply the highest quality dryers at the most competitive price. We're one of the leading air hand dryer suppliers in the UK market. We also supply vandal-resistant hand dryers which are ideal for public washrooms and areas prone to damage. 

Prices of our air hand dryers are displayed within the website and available to purchase online. If you have any questions about our air hand dryers or our other products, please do get in touch by emailing or by calling our friendly sales team.

Hot air hand dryer FAQs

How do air hand dryers work?

Air hand dryers can be manually operated or automatic. For automatic hot air hand dryers, a user places their hands under the hand dryer and sensors detect them. The hand dryer’s motor is then triggered and power is drawn from the mains supply to blast hot air onto the user’s hands. 

Are hot air hand dryers sanitary?

Yes, hot air hand dryers are sanitary and many air hand dryers are built with a HEPA filter in them which helps to trap over 99% of airborne bacteria so that the air blasting onto the users’ hands is clean. 

Why not read our blog ‘Are hand dryers hygienic?’ for more information.

Are hand dryers more environmentally friendly?

Air hand dryers’ rival is paper towel dispensers but both options can be environmentally friendly. For example, paper hand towels can be made from recycled paper and be biodegradable, however, producing recycled paper towels can have an environmental impact. 

On the other hand, you can get energy efficient air hand dryers and with green energy supplies rising, they could eventually be the more environmentally friendly option. 

What types of hand dryers are there? 

There are many different types of hand dryers to choose from, including:

  • Hot air hand dryers - hot air hand dryers blow hot air down from the nozzle into the user’s hands. It can take approximately 25 seconds for standard hot air hand dryers to dry hands.

  • Blade hand dryers - these blast hands with a powerful jet of air for fast-drying. They are praised for being space and eco-efficient as well as more hygienic for users. 

  • Automatic hand dryers - automatic hand dryers are seen as more hygienic as they are touch-free, reducing the risk of spreading bacteria. They are also seen to be more energy efficient than manually operated hand dryers as they will often automatically stop when an object is no longer detected. 

  • High-speed hand dryers - these have been developed in order to be more energy efficient, offer users a quicker dry and improve the traffic flow in commercial toilets. They can dry users’ hands in as little as 10 seconds. 

  • Push button hand dryers - these are more traditional hand dryers and are manually operated as the user must push a button in order to activate the airflow. 

What are the benefits of a hot air hand dryer?

There are many benefits to installing a hot air hand dryer in your commercial washroom, including improving hygiene (as the hot air helps to dry hands which may otherwise encourage the spread of bacteria and germs) and being more environmentally friendly as you waste less paper from hand towels.