Washroom Combination Units

With our washroom combination units, we provide a variety of products combining soap, hand wash, paper towel, bin, and dryer services into one functional product. Our washroom combination units are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and are available in a choice of finishes to suit your bathroom’s style.

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Washroom combination units in a variety of styles


Our combination units vary by design, finish, style, and size, offering something to suit all commercial environments. We work closely with the leading washroom manufacturing companies such as Franke and Dolphin Dispensers to offer a full range of washroom combination units made from high quality stainless steel.


Washroom combination units are ideal for saving space in washrooms whilst offering users everything they need to maintain good hygiene all in one place. 


You can view our full range of other sanitary ware products here, including our vandal resistant range of sanitary ware, wash troughs, drinking fountains and more.


Our helpful team will be happy to answer any queries you have.


Washroom combination units FAQs


What types of washroom combination units are there?


There are several types of washroom combination units, they include:


  • Wall mounted washroom combination units which are designed to be mounted to a wall or panel.

  • Recessed washroom combination units which are mounted flush to the wall or panel in a bathroom. These are ideal for more contemporary washrooms or facilities with limited space. 

  • Anti vandal washroom combination units which are robust and durable - perfect for areas prone to abuse such as public washrooms. 

Washroom combination units also differ in terms of what they feature, for instance, some units will have soap dispensers, water and hand dryers built into one unit whereas others will have soap dispensers, water, paper towels and waste bins

We also sell mirror combination units which can save even more space and add a modern touch to any commercial bathroom. 


How to choose a combination unit


Here are some considerations for you to make to ensure you choose the right washroom combination unit for your needs:


  • What is your budget? Your budget will undoubtedly impact your decision - here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell washroom combination units from trusted brands at competitive prices. 

  • How much available space do you have? If you’re particularly short on space, a recessed washroom combination unit could be the best option.

  • Is your washroom prone to abuse? Some environments (such as public washrooms and prisons) are more prone to damage. Anti-vandal washroom combination units are robust and durable, preventing damage and saving on repair costs. 

  • Would you prefer hand towels or hand dryers? Hand dryers are very efficient at drying hands quickly but noise can be an issue for some environments. On the other hand, paper hand towel dispensers don’t require electricity but will need to be replenished regularly. You can weigh up the pros and cons of both by reading our blog ‘Washroom decisions: hand dryer or paper towels?


What are the benefits of washroom combination units? 


Installing washroom combination units into your bathroom can have many benefits, including:


  • They’re more space efficient - as the units combine soap, hand wash and a dryer (or paper towels and a waste bin), they’re ideal for bathroom’s which are short on space. 

  • They’re available in a range of finishes so you can find the right washroom combination to suit your bathroom’s style.

  • They’re convenient - users can clean and dry their hands in the same place, preventing them from having to walk from one station to the next.