Non-concussive Taps

Non-Concussive taps are commonly known as self-closing taps, push down taps and press taps but all retain the common feature of delivering a timed flow of water, making them ideal for use in commercial washroom environments. Self-closing taps are ideal for use in schools, offices, healthcare settings, public toilets and other  areas which see high traffic or are unsupervised.

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Non-concussive, self closing push taps for washrooms

Our range of push taps includes cheaper, more basic forms of non-concussive taps as well as those with a more modern and contemporary style. Their automatic shut off function makes them a more environmentally friendly option than lever taps as they eliminate the possibility of water being left running.

We stock self-closing taps from leading manufacturers such as Bristan, Intatec, Franke, Delabie and Armitage Shanks. All available from stock for fast delivery. You can choose from deck or wall mounted push taps to suit your specific washroom requirements. Our complimentary range of basins and wash troughs make us an ideal partner for the supply of all your washroom products.

Non-concussive taps are available in a variety of finishes, including chrome and stainless steel. The use of non-concussive basin taps is vast as they’re easy to use and limit water wastage; they can be found in any commercial washroom environment including office toilets, schools, public washrooms and anywhere that may experience a risk of water left running.

Many common questions and general advice on commercial taps and TMVs can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the questions and information on Washroom Taps.Can’t find the non-concussive tap you’re looking for? Contact us today and we’ll do our best to help you find the right product for your needs. 

Our products can be purchased easily and quickly online or by talking to our experienced sales team for a rapid project supported quote. If you’re looking to refurbish your bathroom facilities, we offer a full supply and fit service to bring your washroom project to life!


What is a non-concussive tap?

Non-concussive taps (also known as self-closing taps and push-down taps) are types of taps which deliver a timed flow of water once pressed down. Once the set time is reached, they self close, stopping the flow of water.

Can you adjust non-concussive taps?

Yes, you can easily adjust many non-concussive taps to control the run time of the water flow. Typically, this can be done by locating the time variable control hole and using a screw to adjust the time delay but how you adjust self-closing taps varies across brands and models. Push taps that do not allow you to alter the flow duration should be labelled as non-adjustable, so make sure you check the product description. 

How do non-concussive taps work?

When non con-concussive basin taps are pressed, water will flow for a specified amount of time. These are self-closing taps, which means that once the water flow is switched off, the top of the tap will gradually move back up into its original position.

How do you clean a self-closing tap?

You can clean your self-closing tap with a soft damp cloth. If your taps are stained, you can try to remove these with washing up liquid. Please bear in mind that some bathroom cleaning products can damage the surface of the taps.You should avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions and scrub pads. If your washroom is located in a hard water area, you should aim to get your taps serviced regularly.

Which non-concussive mixer tap is right for me?

Here are some things for you to consider when choosing the right push taps:

  • What is your budget? Your budget for refurbishing your washroom will inevitably impact your decision. 

  • What style is your bathroom? We sell both traditional and modern styled non-concussive taps.

  • How much available space do you have by your basins? You can choose from deck mounted and wall mounted push taps.

  • Do you want to control the water flow time? Many non-concussive taps will allow you to adjust the timing for the water flow, whereas some push taps will specify their flow time. Either way, non-concussive taps are self-closing and will prevent users from leaving taps running or using more water than needed. 

What are the benefits of non-concussive mixer taps?

Self-closing taps are ideal for many commercial washrooms for the following reasons:

  • They turn off automatically which helps to reduce water waste and expenses attached to water usage as well as minimising the risk of flooding.

  • They’re easy to use - users simply need to push down on the taps.

  • They’re often constructed from solid brass and finished in chrome which makes them robust and easy to clean. 

  • You can choose between wall mounted taps and deck mounted push taps to suit your washroom space.

  • They can be a more affordable option to sensor taps which also feature automatic shut off functions.