Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet roll holders and toilet roll dispensers for commercial washroom use. Our range suits all environments from school toilets to luxury office washrooms. Choose from black jumbo toilet roll holders that use large industrial-sized rolls in heavy-use areas, to those that can hold standard-size toilet rolls.

Our toilet roll holders are available in white plastic and metal stainless steel to suit a variety of budgets and to ensure they are vandal-resistant when needed. Order online for quick delivery.

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Toilet Roll Holders for all Environments

Simply put, a toilet roll holder has to be reliable and purposeful. That being said, we go above and beyond to ensure our range of toilet roll holders and toilet roll dispensers come in a variety of styles and finishes to ensure there is a match for your desired aesthetic.

Our dispensers vary by finish, style, and size - we have something to suit all commercial environments. We stock everything from vandal-resistant, lockable dispensers in robust stainless steel to those with budget and functionality in mind.

Customers include schools, offices, public toilets and many more commercial businesses. Our helpful sales staff will be happy to answer any queries relating to our toilet roll holders or other products so call us today on 01202 650900.

Toilet Roll Holder FAQ

How to fit toilet roll holder

It’s easy to fit a toilet roll holder to the wall, here’s how you can do it in a few steps:

  1. Position the toilet roll holder - placing a toilet roll holder approximately 26 inches above the ground on the wall is the standard height. 

  2. Using a pencil, mark out the screw positions - you can use a spirit level here to ensure that your placement is straight-lined. If you are trying to fit your toilet roll holder on a tile wall, you can use tape to mark out the holes where your fixings will be fitted - it is important that you do this before drilling because if you get the placement wrong it will cause unnecessary damage to your wall. 

  3. Use a drill to drill in the holes and insert wall plugs

  4. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws through the toilet roll holder’s backplate into place.

  5. Ensure that your toilet roll holder is secure and you are done!

What are the benefits of a mounted toilet roll holder?

  • They are space efficient as they can be stored above the ground

  • They are a hygienic solution - storing toilet rolls on top of toilets or urinals may risk cross-contamination

  • They are tidy - having toilet tolls mounted up in a cubicle can be unsightly and give a poor impression of your business. 

  • You can get toilet roll holders which prevent waste - for example, single sheet toilet roll dispensers prevent washroom users from taking more toilet roll paper than they need which is both more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. 

How high should a toilet roll holder be?

It is advised that a toilet roll holder should sit approximately 26 inches above the ground and roughly 10 inches away from the toilet itself. It’s important for toilet roll holders to be within easy reach of the toilet for children and those with restricted mobility.

What to consider before buying a toilet roll holder

Here are a few things to consider before choosing the right toilet roll holder for you:

  • Is it for a commercial or domestic setting? If you are looking for a toilet roll holder to be used in a commercial environment such as an office or leisure centre, you may wish to invest in a toilet roll holder which can be locked (vandal-proof) or has the capacity for larger toilet rolls for washrooms with high traffic.

  • Who will be using it? It’s important to bear in mind that toilet roll holders must be accessible and within easy reach for children and those with disabilities. 

  •  Style of the toilet roll holder - consider which style of toilet roll holder will best suit your commercial washroom. 

If you are still unsure of which toilet roll holder or toilet roll dispenser is right for you, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to offer their advice. 

How to fix toilet roll holder

If you have a toilet roll holder which has become loose over time (possibly because screws have fallen out of place), you may wish to tighten it so it is securely attached to your wall. How you fix your toilet roll holder will depend on what the issue is but you may be able to simply tighten the screws on the toilet roll holder ‘arms’ or on the mounted wall bracket beneath. If this does not work, it may be a good idea to contact an expert/someone with experience in bathroom fittings. 

Where should a toilet roll holder be placed?

A toilet roll holder should be placed within easy reach of the toilet in a washroom. They are commonly mounted to the wall in a cubicle between 8 and 12  inches away from the toilet. On the other hand, freestanding toilet roll holders are usually placed beside the toilet.