Vandal Proof Basins

Our robust vandal-resistant basins and anti-ligature taps are available to order online for quick and simple delivery. They are hard-wearing and resistant to significant abuse and wear and tear. Available in stainless steel and white ceramic resin composite material both of which are highly durable and robust. Many of our basins are also available with a corresponding vandal-resistant urinal and toilet. Order online or contact our estimating department for a quote.

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Vandal proof basins are designed to withstand abuse, remaining in-tact and are less prone to shattering if a user is trying to damage them; this is thanks to them being made from highly durable and impact resistant materials such as stainless steel and composite resin.

We also sell anti-ligature sink products which are designed to prevent users from harming themselves or others, as fixtures cannot be attached as easily. Anti-ligature taps and sinks are therefore ideal for commercial washroom environments where there is a higher risk of individuals causing harm, such as prisons and mental health facilities. 

Depending on the item, some basins are available with infra-red sensors to control the taps to further increase both vandal resistance and hygiene. These anti-vandal basins with sensors are particularly useful for washrooms with high traffic, such as public washrooms and schools. 

We also sell a wide-range of other anti-vandal sanitary ware, including anti-vandal toilets and anti-vandal urinals. So, whether you’re looking to undergo a vandal proof washroom refurbishment or simply want to take extra measures to protect your building’s washroom facilities and its users, we can help. If you have any queries about one of our anti-ligature sinks or other products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team.

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Anti-ligature taps FAQ

What does anti-ligature mean?

Anti-ligature refers to products or solutions which have little or no opportunity for fixing points for a ligature to be secured. Essentially, this prevents users who may be looking to self-harm or harm others from doing so, making the washroom a safer environment. Anti-ligature taps and sinks are therefore a popular public toilet sink option and are also suitable for other commercial washrooms such as in schools, prisons and mental health facilities. 

What are basins made of?

Typically, hand wash basins are made from materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, resin or composite materials. Here at Commercial Washrooms, our anti-ligature sinks and vandal proof basins are made from stainless steel or composite resin material to ensure durability and easy maintenance. This particular range of basins is designed to resist damage so are perfect for washrooms subject to high traffic or vandalism. 

What are the benefits of anti-ligature taps? 

Anti-ligature taps and anti-ligature sinks are seen to be much safer and better suited to certain environments. Here are just some of their benefits: 

  • They’re easy to maintain - thanks to their low maintenance properties, our vandal proof basins and anti-ligature sinks are easy to maintain. This makes them the ideal public toilet sink as it allows for easy cleaning to keep washrooms fresh and inviting. 

  • They can be cost-effective - as they are more robust and durable, you won’t have to replace basins such as our anti-ligature sinks as often, saving you money in the long run. 

  • They help keep washrooms safe - thanks to their shatter resistant properties, our vandal proof basins prevent users from harming themselves or others. Moreover, our anti-ligature taps prevent ligatures from being attached to fixtures which also decreases the chances of users harming themselves. 

  • They’re more damage resistant - compared to standard basins, our range of vandal proof basins and anti-ligature sinks are more robust and shatter resistant. 

Who needs an anti-ligature sink or vandal proof basin? 

Anti-ligature sinks and vandal proof basins are ideal for many commercial washrooms, including in:

  • Prisons and police stations

  • Medical and healthcare settings such as Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Public washrooms such as at train stations

  • Mental health facilities and rehabilitation centres 

Essentially, any environment which is at a higher risk of vandalism or users harming themselves or others would benefit from anti-ligature taps and vandal resistant basins as they are a much safer option. Thanks to their robust nature and durability, they would make the perfect public toilet sink which sees high numbers of traffic and use.