Commercial Toilets

Commercial toilets are available as back to wall, close coupled, wall hung and low level versions. All are suitable for installation in commercial washrooms, including school toilets, offices, restaurants and public washrooms. Disabled toilets and Doc-M Toilet Packs are also available for purchase online. We partner with leading sanitaryware manufacturers including Armitage Shanks, RAK Ceramics and Twyford. Our full toilet packs offer the best value; combining toilet, cistern and seat.

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A complete range of the very best commercial toilets for any environment

Our range of commercial toilets and urinals have been specifically collated for the commercial washrooms market. We work with a range of leading sanitary ware manufacturers such as RAK Ceramics, Twyford & Armitage Shanks / Ideal Standard to offer the best high-quality sanitaryware products, at great prices.

Our commercial toilets feature hard-wearing products designed to offer aesthetic appeal and durability as well as unique water-saving and vandal-resistant features. All of our commercial toilets have been designed to the highest quality and are suitable for all types of washrooms, including offices, school toilets, hospitals and disabled facilities.

The toilet types vary and include wall-hung toilets, back to wall toilets, close coupled toilets, low-level toilets, rimless toilets, and sector-specific toilets such as lower height school toilets for children and raised height toilets for disabled users. We also offer spare toilet parts such as toilet cisterns and toilet seats if required. 

Many common questions and general advice on Commercial Toilets can be found by reading our blog. However, please feel free to contact us today if you are interested in learning more about any of our commercial toilets, or washroom products.

Our team can offer specialist advice on the right commercial toilets to use in a range of different environments. So, whether you are unsure which infant or child's toilet to use in a school washroom refurbishment project, need help deciding which commercial toilets will be the most hygienic for a hospital, or would like advice on a designer wall-hung toilet pan for corporate office development, feel free to contact the team for independent specialist advice.

Toilets FAQ

Types of toilets 

What is a close coupled toilet?

Close coupled toilets have a contemporary style and feature cisterns which are attached to the toilet bowl, concealing pipework.

What is a back to wall toilet?

Like close coupled toilets, a back to wall toilet conceals any pipework. Back to wall toilets are designed to be fitted against the bathroom wall and the cistern is typically installed behind the same wall or an IPS duct panel

What is a low level toilet?

Low level toilets feature a unique, victorian style with their exposed metal flush pipes and ceramic cisterns which are fitted at a low level on the wall. They are a great option for more traditional washrooms.

What is a wall hung toilet?

Wall hung toilets are different to the other types of toilets as they are not supported by a grounded base and are instead attached to the wall. Wall hung toilets are ideal for contemporary washrooms looking to save space. 

Are toilet seats universal?

No, toilet seats are created in a range of sizes as there are different types of toilets available which can vary greatly in shape, meaning there is not a universal standard. That said, you are still likely to find a replacement toilet seat - if you need any help or advice on finding the right toilet seat for you, please feel free to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you. 

How does a toilet cistern work?

Toilet cisterns typically sit against or behind the wall. Essentially, they are tanks of water with valves and flushing systems. When a user flushes the toilet, the cistern refills itself enough so that it does not overflow.

How to clean your toilet

Cleaning commercial toilets regularly is extremely important for businesses and other public buildings as the condition of washrooms can reflect the organisation itself. To clean your toilets, start by applying toilet cleaner in the bowl and leave it to soak whilst you apply disinfectant to the toilet’s exterior surface (wiping the spray away with paper towels). If you have stubborn stains, you can scrub the toilet bowl once it has had time to soak. Finish by flushing the toilet and repeat the process if any stains remain. 

How many toilets do I need?

If you’re looking for commercial toilets for your business, you may be wondering how many you are legally required to have.The amount of toilets you need varies across different premises (such as schools, offices and restaurants) and accessible toilets must also be considered to cater to everyone’s needs. 

You can find more information regarding the number of toilets you need depending on types of buildings here.