IPS Panels & Duct Sets

IPS stands for Integrated Plumbing System. It is a panel and frame system that sits behind a toilet, urinal, wash basin or wash trough to create a duct void in a commercial-use washroom. Panels are available in various colours and sizes and are factory-made to complement the rear timber or metal frames. Please also see our medical IPS units.

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IPS Panels for Concealing Pipes & Plumbing

IPS Panel Systems not only conceal unsightly pipework at the rear of a toilet cubicle but also complete the modern washroom look. Our range of IPS (Integrated Plumbing System) panels is a hygienic addition to any washroom. Their lightweight yet robust qualities make them both practical and easy to handle. Choose from a pre-constructed timber or steel framework with factory-clipped panels, or select our frameless panel-only option, which is ideal for replacing damaged panels.

We can provide IPS factory-fitted sanitaryware for quick and easy washroom installation or duct-only systems for your own configuration on-site. Both are available in a variety of materials, including melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), Solid-Grade Laminate (SGL), and real wood veneer. We have an extensive colour catalogue, collated from Polyrey's washroom laminate collection, ready for you to custom design your washroom.

Our healthcare IPS units have been specifically developed to comply with all relevant healthcare legislation and are ideal for use in hospitals, dental practices, and doctors' surgeries. We are happy to develop and customise the brassware and sanitaryware offered within these systems to suit any required IPS panel setup.

Explore our range of IPS panels and duct sets, or call our sales team to discuss your project. If you prefer, you can email through drawings with your room dimensions and let us give you a quote. 

IPS Panel FAQs

What does IPS stand for in toilets? 

IPS stands for Integrated Plumbing System. An IPS panel keeps unsightly pipework concealed and allows easy access to service, maintenance and plumbing. 

What are the benefits of IPS panels? 

An IPS panel has many benefits for any commercial washroom. Not only are they a colourful solution to hiding unsightly pipework, but they also provide a more hygienic way to clean washroom areas quickly and efficiently. You can read our blog on IPS panels here. 

How do I fit IPS panels?

To fit an IPS panel/duct panel system, you will need the following tools:

  • A tape measure
  • A screwdriver
  • A drill with 3.5mm6mm drill pieces
  • A Spirit level

The following steps should act as a guide for installing our IPS Panels. Fitting instructions will be provided with all orders.

  1. Attach the lower flash gap to the frame and countersink screws 25mm from the top edge of the frame. Once you have achieved this, you can add the side, then top flash gaps, to the frame in the same way as the lower (remembering to keep the screws 25mm from the top edge as you do so).
  2. Attach the lower panel - It’s important that once fitted, the bottom panel is 150mm away from the floor. Screw lines should be 46mm from the sides of the lower panel, and push clips are then attached to the panel and the inside of the flash gap. Then, the panel is attached by connecting the push clips together. When you have completed this, ensure that the lower panel is level. 
  3. Attach the middle panel, ensuring that the screw lines are 38mm from the sides on the middle panel. You then need to attach hook clips to both the panel and inside of the flash gaps. You must slot the hook and clips together to secure the middle panel. 
  4. Attach the top panel - Similarly to the middle panel, you will need to ensure that screw lines are 38mm from the sides, but you must also have 65mm of space from the top. At this point, you can attach the hook clips to the panel and to the inside of the flash gaps. Finally, you can slot in the top panel, and your installation of an IPS panel is complete!

Please note that the procedure of fitting an IPS panel should be carried out by someone who is qualified to do so and can adhere to safety measures at all times.