Vandal Proof Toilets

Vandal-proof toilets are installed in washrooms that suffer regular vandalism. They are hard-wearing and resistant to significant abuse and wear and tear. Available in stainless steel and ceramic resin composite material both of which are highly durable and robust. Many of our toilets are also available with a corresponding vandal-resistant urinal and basin. Order online or contact our estimating department for a quote.

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Anti-vandal toilets and anti-ligature toilets are designed to withstand abuse in washrooms which are more likely to suffer from vandalism or see high numbers of traffic.

These toilets are robust yet functional, making them ideal for placement in busy public areas such as football stadiums, public toilets, and transport terminals. However, despite their durability and anti-ligature qualities, the anti-vandal toilet pans are still a functional and attractive fitting for any busy commercial washroom.

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we can supply a wide range of anti-vandal sanitaryware, including anti-vandal urinals, anti-ligature taps and accessories such as vandal resistant toilet seats to keep your washroom clean, durable and safe. Should you have any questions regarding the anti-vandal toilet products displayed, or if you are looking for something in particular and have specific needs, then please get in touch with us.

Anti-vandal toilet FAQ

What does anti-ligature mean?

Anti-ligature is a term used to describe products or solutions which are designed to prevent fixing points for a ligature (such as a cord) from being attached or secured. Anti-ligature toilets are ideal for prison environments and mental health facilities as they help to prevent people from harming themselves or others. 

What are the benefits of anti-vandal toilets? 

Installing anti-vandal toilets or investing in a vandal-proof toilet refurbishment may be necessary to protect your building’s washroom facilities. That said, there are many benefits of anti-vandal toilets, here’s why you should consider them for your commercial washroom:

  • They’re robust - anti-vandal toilets are designed to stand the test of time and resist damage thanks to them being made from durable materials such as stainless steel and ceramic resin. 

  • They’re easy to maintain - their low-maintenance properties make them an ideal addition to busy commercial washrooms such as public toilets. 

  • They can be cost-effective - as they are so robust, anti-ligature toilets can save you money in the long term where you don’t have to replace them as often due to accidental or deliberate damage. 

Who needs anti-vandal toilets? 

Anti-vandal toilets are suitable for many environments, including:

  • Prisons and police stations

  • Mental health facilities and rehabilitation centres

  • Public washrooms 

  • Schools

  • Stadiums 

Vandal-proof toilets can be considered for any commercial environment which is likely to suffer damage due to vandalism or sees high numbers of traffic which leads to wear and tear over time. Thanks to their robust and solid properties, they are a cost-effective option which helps to keep washrooms protected and users safe.