Wudu Washing and Ablution

Wudu Washing Facilities are used to clean a user's hands, arms, legs and feet before prayer. When installed in offices, hotels, mosques, schools, airports, apartments and other environments, they provide a comfortable and tidy place for individuals to perform the Wudu cleansing ritual. Our range of Wudu Wash Basins can fit any washroom requirements, with space-saving and wheelchair-friendly Wudu options.

Luxury Wudu Washing Facilities

Available in reinforced acrylic or ceramic, our range of Wudu Wash Stations is ideal for installation in your local mosque, school, hospital, office, prison and leisure venues. Our Wudu Wash Basins bring the highest hygiene standards to all commercial and domestic establishments.

In offices and other public spaces, having to constantly perform Wudu in the main toilet area in front of others can be uncomfortable, as well as messy from using equipment not designed for Wudu. Our Wudu Basins provide a specialised and comfortable area to perform Wudu, with unique models to prevent excess water left behind from splashing. 

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