Children's Toilet Cubicles

Discover our unique range of Children's Toilet Cubicles. Perfectly designed for security, modesty, and hygiene our range has a solution for you.

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Our range of children's toilet cubicles is perfectly suited for every age range of school toilets found in the education sector. Whether you have a need for bright, colourful nursery school cubicles with reduced height doors or robust anti-vandal senior school toilet cubicles we can offer all you need.

Our children’s toilet cubicles come in a variety of bright colours to make the washroom more fun and stimulating, and these colours can be matched with our IPS duct sets and vanity units to ensure a consistent and colourful environment.

Other features within the children’s toilet cubicles range includes shaped doors for easy supervision, non-finger trap hinges, and easy to clean surfaces.

Know your toilet room dimensions? Send through a sketch or drawing for a full quote and specification.

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