Urinal Dividers

Urinal dividers can be installed between 2 urinals in a men's toilet room to offer users a visual modesty screen. They are typically made from glazed ceramic but are also available in stainless steel and solid-grade laminate panels. They can be installed by directly fixing to the same wall or panel system used to mount the urinal bowls. Dividers can be installed at a lower level for urinals frequently used by children.

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Urinal Dividers for Increased Privacy

Urinal divisions are available to purchase online. Choose from ceramic dividers manufactured by Armitage Shanks, RAK Ceramics and Twyford Bathrooms. Stainless steel metal dividers are available from KWC and Delabie.

Dividers can be installed at a height to suit the facility and the users. Those used for children and in schools should be installed at a lower height compared with adult urinal separators. We recommend installing the centre of the divider at a height of 700 - 800mm for adult installations and 600 - 700mm for children. These can be of course increased, depending on the shape and size of the divider.

Urinal dividers are predominantly available in white glazed china finish but brushed metal steel and black are also available.

For help in selecting the correct urinals and urinal partitions for your project please email our estimators at [email protected].