Corian Solid Surface Wash Troughs

Corian solid-surface wash troughs are a practical and stylish alternative to a vanity unit with traditional sinks. They offer a larger hand-washing area that often helps confine water splashing, making them easier to clean and maintain. Our white Ultra Fast Corian wash troughs are sold from stock with minimal lead time, while our bespoke wash troughs are available in your choice of size and colour - these are manufactured to order.

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White Corian wash troughs represent style and ease of maintenance

Corian solid surface wash troughs are modern, space-efficient and cost-effective. As Corian wash troughs are designed for multiple users, they’re ideal for busy washrooms. They can help to improve the flow of traffic, giving people a better experience when using your facilities. 

The Commercial Washrooms brand of white solid surface wash troughs can be custom manufactured to the client's exact size requirements or purchased in standard lengths. This allows you to create a bathroom that perfectly fits in with the space you have. We also sell troughs made by Europe's leading manufacturers, such as Franke and Armitage Shanks.

Our solid surface wash troughs are frequently installed in schools, offices, entertainment venues and those in need of vandal-resistant sanitary ware such as public washrooms. In fact, the Corian solid surface material is an ideal solution whenever aesthetics and durability are needed, as it has a seamless appearance and is built to resist wear and tear.

Corian solid surface is a man-made material usually composed of marble dust, polyester resin and pigments and so can be supplied in several colours and finishes. As well as Corian, we are also privileged to offer troughs manufactured in LG Hi-Macs, Tristone and other solid surface sheets.

Because of their construction, they are classed as vandal resistant, but should damage occur, depending upon the extent and location of the damage, repair may be possible. These solid surface wash trough units are popular with schools and entertainment venues due to their hard-wearing nature and their simple installation and plumbing requirements. Wash troughs will often only have one trap and one waste pipe connection, unlike multiple sinks designed to serve the same number of users.

The standard length per user (or per tap station) for wash troughs is 600mm, and so they are often manufactured in the set lengths of 1200mm (for two taps), 1800mm (for three taps), and 2400mm (for four taps). A full complement of commercial taps, soap dispensers and easy-access underframes can be priced and purchased through the Commercial Washrooms website.

The prices for all wash troughs are displayed on our website; however, for project support, installation prices or bespoke dimensions, please contact our trained sales staff team who will be happy to help.

Wash troughs FAQs

What is a trough sink?

Trough sinks are large single-basin sinks which accommodate multiple users at the same time. They feature at least two or more taps and are popular in commercial washrooms in schools, offices, public spaces and clubs. 

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell a wide range of wash troughs for sale, including Corian and stainless steel wash troughs, so there’s a wash trough sink to suit all bathrooms. 

What is Corian made of?

Corian is a synthetic, non-porous solid surface material made from a mixture of acrylic resin and natural minerals. Corian wash troughs are designed to be durable and very easy to maintain, making them an excellent addition to many commercial washrooms. 

What are the benefits of Corian wash troughs?

Having Corian solid surface wash troughs in your washroom can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They‘re space-efficient - wash troughs can accommodate more than one user at the same time, saving space and helping to improve the flow of traffic.

  • They’re easy to clean and maintain - as Corian wash troughs are non-porous, this prevents dirt from infiltrating the material, making them easy to wipe clean. Moreover, if they are scratched, they can be polished and returned to a near-new condition.

  • They’re stylish - as a seamless and smooth wash trough, they make a smart and stylish addition to the bathroom.

  • They’re non-porous - this prevents mould, mildew and bacteria from growing on the surface.

  • They’re durable  - Corian wash troughs are built to stand the test of time, so they’re resistant to general wear and tear. Moreover, they are also sunlight resistant. 

Find out more about the benefits of Corian wash troughs here.