Changing Room Benches

Changing room benches and locker benches are installed to give users space to change and store clothes. Our range of bench seats comes with steel or aluminium frames and a choice of beech wood or solid-grade laminate slats. Choose from perimeter bench seats that line the outside of a changing room or double island benches designed to accommodate back-to-back users in the middle of a changing room. Our benches are frequently installed in school cloakrooms, Gyms, leisure centres, and Sports Clubs.

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Changing Room Benches: Perfect for Schools, Leisure Centres and Gyms

Our changing room benches can be supplied as wall-mounted (perimeter) or free-standing (island), with or without coat hook rails. Other options include double back-to-back bench seats and under-bench shoe storage. All are available in a wide range of colours and materials, including:

Bench frame brackets are available to purchase alone, ideal for refurbishment projects where the existing slats can be reused.

Our changing room benches are priced in standard lengths ranging from 1 to 3 metres. However, bespoke sizes are also available. For more information on changing room bench dimensions and sizing for your washroom, take a look at our helpful blog

All of are benches can be bought with a matching hook rail or shelf to hang clothes, or under bench shoe baskets for extra storage. You might also be interested in our range of other changing room products, including our changing room lockers and changing room cubicles.

We are happy to provide a bespoke quote for any project work. Need a quote? Feel free to send us a drawing of your room for a full specification and price breakdown.

Changing Room Benches FAQ

Where are changing room benches used?

Changing room benches are found in changing rooms to allow people to get changed easily. They are often found in gyms, schools, spas, health clubs, workplaces, leisure centres, and other commercial settings. 

What are changing room benches?

Changing room benches allow people to sit down and change in commercial settings such as schools, leisure centres, gyms and spas. They are usually made of steel, timber, or polymer, which makes them durable and robust. 

Benefits of changing room benches

  • They are hygienic - changing room benches are usually made with anti-bacterial coatings.

  • They provide a space for multiple people to change at once - this is particularly important for high-traffic areas such as schools and leisure centres. 

  • They make changing rooms more clean and tidy as they keep personal items such as clothing off of the floor.

  • There are changing room benches to suit your changing room’s needs - for instance, if you have limited space, you can get a bench with locker support.

  • Dry settings - you can find changing room benches that are appropriate for use in dry environments.

  • Durable - changing room benches are designed to be durable, sturdy and safe.

  • Extra storage - some changing room benches have extra space for storing items, such as coat hooks and shelves beneath the bench.

Types of changing room benches and accessories

There is a range of changing room benches available on the market, and each may suit different changing rooms; they include: 

Wall mounted changing room benches

Wall-mounted changing room benches are attached to the wall via brackets, which are securely fixed to frames on the wall. These benches are great for saving space. 

Freestanding changing room benches

Freestanding changing room benches can be placed anywhere in a changing room, making it a flexible choice for changing rooms as it can easily be moved. 

Single sided island changing room benches

Single-sided island changing room benches are placed against a wall and may also feature coat hooks and a rail on the framework. 

Double sided island changing room benches

Double-sided island changing room benches are placed in the centre of a room as they have benches on either side of the framework to accommodate more people. 

Locker support changing room benches

You can even find benches with lockers attached if you want to save space but still have room for lockers in busy changing rooms. 

Coat hooks and rails

Coat hooks and rails can be mounted to a wall above or beside changing room benches, but some benches will feature these on the framework itself. These are ideal for providing more space for people’s belongings - especially if lockers are full or unavailable. 

Which changing room bench is best?

The changing room bench that is best for you will depend on the size, style and layout of your changing room. Here are some ideas depending on the type of changing room you have: 

For smaller changing rooms

Wall-mounted or one-sided changing room benches are ideal because they take up less space. You could also invest in a changing room bench with coat hooks and rails built into the framework (or buy separate coat hooks and rails to mount to the wall) if your changing room has limited space for lockers. 

For larger changing rooms or changing rooms with high traffic

It may be best to install double-sided changing room benches in larger, busier changing rooms as people can get ready on either side of the framework, and you can save wall space for more lockers. Another option is to install locker support changing room benches as this allows you to provide space to change and lockers to safely store belongings without compromising too much on space.

For changing rooms you may renovate

If you think you may eventually renovate your changing rooms or are unsure which option is best for you, why not go for a freestanding bench, which will give you the flexibility to move it wherever and whenever you please!