Low Level Doc M Toilets

Our Low-Level WC Doc M toilet packs are complete sanitary ware solutions for a disabled washroom space. Supplied complete with a raised height disabled toilet pan for easy accessibility, a robust and durable china cistern with spatula lever, wash hand basin, tap and colour contrasting grab rails to support users. Some low-level WC packs also include TMV3 valves or integrated thermostatic mixing valve (TMV3) taps.

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Low-Level Doc M Disabled Toilet Packs

Pre-boxed disabled washroom accessories and products are created to comply with UK Building Regulations Document M ("Doc-M packs"). The low-level WC includes a wall-mounted ceramic cistern that is installed above the toilet pan and is connected by a white adjustable flush pipe.

Document M of the building regulations (Doc-M) sets out the required products necessary for disabled users and users with mobility difficulties to comfortably use the toilet. When installed to the correct layout dimensions, a disabled user will easily be able to transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet and back again, as well as use the sink to wash their hands. It’s important to ensure that your disabled toilets are up to the same high standard as your other washroom facilities and will be comfortable for those with disabilities and mobility issues to use with ease. 

Choose from leading manufacturers including Armitage Shanks, Twyford, NYMAS and others. Commercial Washrooms is the UK’s leading online supplier of disabled toilets and shower packs.

In addition, the range is WRAS-compliant and suitable for use in all UK buildings. Available to order online at Trade prices. We offer fast delivery to anywhere within the UK, call us to confirm the lead time of your chosen Doc-M pack, or send us an email if you have any further enquiries.

Low-level Disabled Toilet Pan FAQs

What is a low-level WC?

A low-level WC is a type of toilet pan which has an exposed ceramic cistern fitted at a lower height on the wall compared to traditional high-level toilets, making it more accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Our range of low-level disabled toilet pans is ideal for more traditional disabled washrooms. 

What size is a disabled toilet?

If you’re considering installing a low-level WC in your bathroom, you may be wondering how big a disabled toilet cubicle should be. A disabled toilet needs to have enough space for users to comfortably use the washroom facilities. The recommended dimensions of a disabled toilet are at least 2200mm deep and 1500mm wide. The larger the toilet room, the more space users will have to manoeuvre which can be particularly tricky for wheelchair users. 

You can find more information on the dimensions of disabled toilet rooms here.

Are disabled toilets a legal requirement?

According to The Equality Act 2010, facilities need to provide equal access to toilets for members of staff, customers and visitors and ensure they are up to the same standard as toilets for non-disabled users. To ensure equal access, you should include at least one disabled toilet in your washroom. 

How many disabled toilets do I need?

The number of disabled toilets you need may vary depending on the type of building, for example, in offices, the British Standard BS8300 requires you to have at least one disabled toilet per floor (which should also follow Document-M of Building Regulations) whilst hotels are required to ensure 10% of their rooms have accessible facilities. A low-level WC is ideal for disabled toilet cubicles as they are easy to use and maintain. 

What is a RADAR key for disabled toilets?

A RADAR key is a key which is specifically designed to open accessible toilets in the UK. If you’re looking to install a low-level disabled toilet pan in your washroom, you can install a RADAR lock which requires a RADAR key to open it to ensure that only disabled users have access. 

What are the benefits of a low-level WC? 

A low-level WC can have many advantages for your commercial washroom, including:

  • They’re stylish and can add an attractive period look to your bathroom.

  • It’s easy to access their cistern as its within reach.

They’re more compact in comparison to high-level toilets, making them more space efficient.