Baby Changing Units

Commercial baby changing units can be installed in any public and Commercial Washroom facility to provide help for parents with young children. We supply wall-mounted, fold-down and countertop baby changing stations made from sturdy and easy-to-clean materials such as white Miranit, MDPE and stainless steel. Choose from leading brands such as Magrini, Dolphin, ASI and Koala Kare and improve your washroom’s baby-changing facilities today.

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Commercial Baby changing units for any washroom

At Commercial Washrooms, we supply baby changing units which are ideal for every washroom facility. Our competitive range of new baby changing table products can easily be ordered online and delivered within 48 hours of purchase.

Providing quality baby changing units for parents in your washrooms is a very important aspect of your washroom’s design that needs to be considered, and with our range of baby changing units and stations, you can easily find the right product that fits into the design and available space of your washroom. Below you can shop for and find some additional information and prices on the range of different baby-changing units and products we provide:

Counter mounted baby changing units 

Counter Mounted Baby Changers are a style of baby changing unit that, as the name suggests, sits on top of any counters or surfaces that you have in your washrooms. These units do not use surface fixings, making them a very hygienic and easy-to-clean option for a baby changing unit in your washroom, provided you have the available surface space for them. 

A popular subcategory of counter-mounted baby changing units that we sell in our range are solid surface baby changing units; which are units that are built into the actual counter, rather than sitting on top of tables and spaces. These changing units include a baby changing curve, white Miranit basins and straps to safely hold the little ones in place. The optional basin is integral to the unit providing a smooth, easy-to-clean worktop.  

Horizontal fold-down baby changing units

Another popular style of the baby changing unit found in many washrooms, is the Horizontal Fold-Down Baby Changing Unit. These units are slim, and intuitive and are securely mounted to the walls of your washroom, folding down for use in a way that effortlessly conserves and frees up room in your washrooms. These units are commonly found in most public washrooms and areas like leisure centres and are one of our most popular units.

Vertical fold-down baby changing units

Our last category of baby changing units that we have in our range are Vertical Fold-Down Baby Changing Units. These baby changing tables are similar to our horizontal units; in that they are affixed to the walls of your washroom, and fold down for ease of use. These units are commonly found in places like leisure centres, restaurants, shopping centres and essentially any other public washroom space.

Can’t find the baby changing table product you’re looking for or have any questions about our products? Please contact our friendly  sales team who will be happy to help. Don’t forget to also consider waste disposal solutions so that users of your baby changing table can quickly and easily dispose of dirty nappies and cleaning wipes. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell a wide range of waste bins as well as waste chutes and flaps to fit in your washroom. Many common questions and general advice regarding baby changing units can be found online by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the baby changing unit information and questions. Browse our washroom case studies where many of our baby changing units have been included.

Baby changing table FAQs

How much does a baby changing table cost?

How much a baby changing table costs will depend on many factors, such as what features it has, who manufactured it, what material it's made from and what size it is. Here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell a variety of changing units to suit all budgets, with our baby changing table products starting from just £178.00.

Is a baby changing table necessary?

Whilst there’s no legal requirement for you to have a baby changer, as a business, you should install a baby changing table in your washroom facilities so that it is easy for your customers, staff and visitors to change their children in a safe and hygienic environment. The British Toilet Association also suggests that you should have at least one unisex baby changing table to use per 10,000 people.

You can find out more information on whether a baby changing table is necessary in our blog.

Are changing tables safe?

Here at Commercial Washrooms, our baby changing unit products are designed with safety in mind and have a hygienic finish. Changing tables should have special safety features, such as raised barriers or straps and should be compliant with BS EN 12221:2008 and Decree 91-1292 if they are to be used in a public bathroom. That said, whilst a changing table is safe to use, you should never leave a baby unattended on one.

Where to put changing table

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we sell a range of baby changing table products, including changers which can be mounted to a wall and countertop changing units. When it comes to deciding where to place your baby changing table, you should ensure that the baby changing table:

  • Is easily accessible and will not impact the traffic flow - it’s important that those who need to use a baby changer can do so easily and will have enough space to change their child whilst also not interrupting the flow of traffic in your washroom.

  • Is in a safe location - for example, the changing unit shouldn’t obstruct any doorways.

  • Offers more privacy where possible - if you have enough space in your washroom and can afford to have a baby changing station in a separate cubicle, that would be ideal as this gives users more space and privacy.

  • Is installed at an appropriate and comfortable height - many manufacturers suggest that an ideal height to install a baby changing table is between 730mm and 800mm from the ground.

How much weight can a changing table hold?

A baby changing unit must be able to support the weight of a small child. Find out how much weight a baby changing station can hold in our blog.

How tall should a changing table be?

A baby changing table needs to be mounted at a comfortable height which is easily accessible. Most manufacturers suggest that the best height for a changing unit is between 730mm and 800mm from ground level.

You can read our blog on the mounting height of a baby changing table to find out more.