Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets are installed with the rear of the toilet pan against a service wall or IPS duct panel. They are combined with a concealed cistern installed behind the same service wall or duct panel. This type of installation means all supply and waste pipework is concealed from view.

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What is a back to wall toilet?

back to wall toilet essentially means that the user’s back will sit flush against the wall when seated, as opposed to against a cistern. When entering the cubicle, you’ll be presented with the toilet pan, but the cistern, which holds the water for flushing, will not be visible.

Why choose a back to wall toilet?

A lot of people go for this option as it can make the space inside the cubicle seem much bigger. However, sometimes it’s a move to prevent tampering or accidental damage. When the cistern is exposed like on your traditional domestic toilet, users can remove or damage moving parts. Back to wall toilets can also look very slick and smart, maintaining a simple design aesthetic throughout your wash space.  

Things to bear in mind

Although back to wall toilets have no cistern on show, the water for flushing them has to come from somewhere. Most often, it is hidden within a false wall known as a duct set. This conceals all the pipework and the cistern within. This creates what’s known as an integrated plumbing system (IPS). The panels, which conceal the cistern can be removed with a key or special tool, making maintenance simple, but protecting your washroom from vandalism and accidental damage. 

Hidden benefits

Because back to wall toilets are partnered with an IPS system, the cubicle has reduced surface areas. This is because you essentially have four flat wall surfaces and a small protruding toilet pan. This makes the washroom easier to clean and when used across large sites like schools, museums and universities, can bring significant value. With fewer moving parts on display, they often need less maintenance compared to close coupled toilets too.