Vandal Resistant Sanitary Ware

Our vandal resistant sanitary ware has been designed to be as robust and durable as possible, making them ideal for use in the toughest commercial washroom environments. Our anti-vandal sanitary ware products are manufactured from either high-grade stainless steel or a ceramic-resin composite material, with both offering excellent impact resistance.
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Vandal Resistant Sanitary Ware for Washrooms


We supply durable vandal resistant sanitary ware options for all parts of a toilet suite; vandal proof toilets, anti-vandal urinals, and anti-vandal basins.

Our vandal proof anti-ligature sanitary ware products are used in areas that have high footfall, suffering from higher than usual levels of wear and tear or deliberate vandalism as a result. Ideal settings include but are not limited to public toilets, football stadiums, and certain healthcare settings. Their anti-ligature components also help to lower risks associated with self-harm or harm to others. Whilst we are unable to guarantee those attempting to self-harm will be completely protected, the high-standard of our anti-vandal sanitaryware designs help to significantly reduce this risk. 

We supply robust vandal resistant sanitary ware options for all parts of a toilet suite; vandal proof toilets, urinals, and basins. Should you have any questions about any of the anti-vandal sanitary ware products shown, or if you are after a specific item, please get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to assist you.


Anti-vandal sanitary ware FAQ


What is sanitary ware?


Sanitary ware includes washroom products and sanitary appliances such as basins, showers, urinals and toilets. Anti-vandal sanitary ware are appliances that are designed to withstand abuse and resist damage, making them the ideal option for many commercial washrooms. 


What are the benefits of anti-vandal sanitary ware?


Anti-vandal sanitary ware is an ideal option in a range of sectors for many commercial washrooms, including prisons, schools and hospitals. Here’s why they could make a great addition to your washroom:


  • They’re durable - anti-vandal sanitaryware is made from heavy-duty materials like stainless steel and ceramic resin,making them robust and resistant to abuse.

  • They’re cost effective - As anti-vandal sanitary ware is made from solid materials designed to resist damage, they won’t need replacing as often as other sanitary ware, saving you money in the long run. 

  • They’re a safer option - anti-vandal and anti-ligature sanitary ware prevents users from inflicting harm on themselves or others as they are less prone to shattering and can’t have ligatures tied to them. 

  • They’re easy to maintain- anti-vandal sanitary ware is easy to clean and maintain, helping to keep washrooms with high traffic clean and inviting. 


Who needs anti-vandal sanitary ware?


Anti-vandal and anti-ligature sanitary ware is perfect for commercial washrooms in a range of sectors, including:


  • Schools

  • Public washrooms such as train stations

  • Secure units such as mental health facilities

  • Offices 

  • Medical environments such as hospitals

  • Prisons and police stations


Essentially, anti-vandal sanitary ware is ideal for any building which is at risk of vandalism, sees high traffic flow or needs to protect those who pose a threat to themselves or others. 


What is anti-ligature?


Anti-ligature refers to products and solutions designed to prevent users from attaching a ligature that could put themselves or others at risk. Anti-ligature sanitary ware is particularly well suited for environments like prisons and mental health units.