Toilet Brushes and Holders

Our range of stainless steel toilet brushes and toilet brush holder sets are ideal for use in any commercial washroom environment to suit your business’s needs. Choose from free standing and wall-mounted options.

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Find the Best Toilet Brush Set For Your Commercial Needs

Our range of toilet brush and holder sets have been collated with all budgets in mind. Wall-mounted versions not only lift the toilet brush holder from the floor but also aim to reduce the possibility of vandalism.

Improve hygiene in your washroom with our toilet brush holders manufactured from stainless steel to ensure a durable  and superior finish. Toilet brushes come in either white plastic or stainless steel, depending on the desired budget or finish.

Many of our toilet brushes match with other washroom accessories in our range and offer circular or square finishes depending on your preferred style. Our toilet brush and toilet holder products are suitable for use in commercial washrooms in schools, offices, pubs, leisure centres, nightclubs, bars and more.

Not sure which toilet brush set is right for your commercial washroom needs? Please contact our sales team for further guidance and advice on our range of toilet brushes and toilet brush holders, as well as any other washroom accessories and products you might be interested in for your business.

Toilet Brush and Holder FAQs

How often should you replace your toilet brush?

How often you replace your toilet brush can depend on how much traffic your washroom sees. For Instance, a busy washroom will need to replace toilet brushes much more frequently to ensure their facilities are clean and well maintained. You can also check for the following signs to determine if it’s time to change your toilet brush:

  • Discolouration of the bristles

  • If it has an unpleasant odour even after cleaning

  • Bristles are falling out

  • The toilet brush is damaged 

What do you use a toilet brush for?

A toilet brush is used to scrub and clean the inside of toilets so that the bowl can be safe from grime and germs. 

How to store a toilet brush

A toilet brush should be stored in a toilet brush holder which is accessible for users in the toilet.Typically, a toilet brush holder is stored beside the toilet so it is within easy reach. As toilet brushes are usually within view, it’s worth businesses considering the design and appearance of a toilet brush set so that it fits in with their washroom’s style.

How to keep toilet brush holder clean

You can keep a toilet brush holder clean by using a disinfectant spray or solution, allowing time for the solution to clean its surface and rinsing it with hot water afterwards. The toilet brush holder should be completely dry before the toilet brush is replaced. 

Are toilet brushes hygienic?

Toilet brushes are hygienic to use in commercial washrooms providing they are adequately cleaned and replaced often - particularly in washrooms which see high levels of traffic. 

How to clean a toilet brush

There are a few different methods you can use for cleaning toilet brushes, including:

  • Soaking it in bleach

  • Using a disinfectant spray or solution over the bristles

  • Using a more natural product such as a vinegar-water solution - this option however is best suited for domestic toilet brushes rather than accessories for commercial washrooms. 

Types of toilet brush holders

Here at Commercial Washrooms, we have a range of both wall-mounted and freestanding toilet brush products to choose from. Here’s a brief summary of both styles and their benefits:

Wall-mounted toilet brush set

A wall-mounted brush set is mounted to the wall, usually behind or beside the toilet at a comfortable height to allow for each reach, making them a more ergonomic option. As a wall-mounted toilet brush and holder can be placed at a close and convenient distance, the chance of the toilet brush dripping and leaving spills is reduced which helps to keep the toilet area clean. Moreover, a wall-mounted brush is a secure option for areas prone to vandalism. 

Freestanding toilet brush set

A freestanding toilet brush set on the other hand is not secured to the wall and can be moved away when flooring is being cleaned.