Deck Mounted Taps

Deck-mounted taps are mounted directly to the top of the vanity unit, basin or wash trough and connected to a water supply beneath through a tap hole. They are available as sensor, push (non-concussive) or lever-operated versions and are also referred to as surface-mounted taps. Choose from polished chrome and brushed stainless steel finishes.

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Deck Mounted Taps: Free of Fixings

Having deck-mounted taps which fit directly to the basin, vanity unit or trough allows the walls around the area to be kept free of any fixings and also minimises splashback so they’re ideal for maintaining a clean bathroom. 

Our range of deck-mounted taps has been developed with the help of leading brassware manufacturers such as Franke, Delabie, Inta and Dart Valley Systems - all of which are well known, high-quality brands within the commercial washrooms marketplace.

With so many deck-mounted tap options available to order online with fast delivery, we are confident you can find a suitable washroom solution through our range, but should you be unable to do so please email our sales team or simply call us on 01202 650900.

Deck Mounted Tap FAQs


What does deck mounted taps mean?


Unlike wall mounted taps, deck mounted taps are installed directly into basins or vanity units with tap holes. 


What’s the difference between deck mounted and surface mounted taps?


Deck mounted taps and surface mounted taps describe the same style of taps. Their terms mean that the bottom of the tap sits on the surface it is mounted on (whether that be a basin, bath or trough). 


How to replace basin taps in the bathroom


We recommend professional plumbers are hired to remove and install taps in your bathroom to avoid causing any damage. If you aren’t familiar with the process, here’s how deck mounted taps can be replaced in your bathroom:


  1. Turn off your water supply


Once you’ve done this, run both your hot and cold water taps to allow the remaining water to drain out of the system. 


  1. Remove your existing taps


Simply unscrew the nuts holding your current deck mounted taps in place and remove them from the pipework. 


  1. Install your new taps


You’ll need to connect the threaded post to your taps, feeding into the tap hole until the taps are sitting on the surface of the basin. At this point you can screw the nut onto the threaded post until the tap is attached to the basin. 


  1. Connect your plumbing


Screw in any connectors to your taps, connecting them to the pipework. 


  1. Turn your water supply back on


Turn the taps on when you switch the water supply back on (this helps to prevent damage caused by any air forced through the system) and check that everything is running smoothly and there aren’t any leaks. 


Why choose a deck mounted tap? 


Deck mounted taps are attached to basins or baths through drilled holes on their surface. They are a very common type of tap and are usually easier to install in comparison to wall mounted taps. You can find many different styles of deck mounted taps, allowing you to choose the ones which best suit your commercial bathroom and preference and the fact that they don’t require any wall fixings allows for easy cleaning. 


Do all taps fit all basins?

No, not all taps will fit all basins and you should also consider what type of tap will best suit your commercial washroom. If you are looking for a deck mounted tap, you will need to ensure there is enough space between the basin to where the spout exits on the tap and also between the top of the basin where the taps will sit and the wall. It is therefore important to find out the necessary measurements so make sure you find the right taps for your needs. 

If you’re not sure which deck mounted tap is best for your commercial washroom or if you have questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact our team - we’d be more than happy to help!