Urinal Troughs

Urinal Troughs are long steel communal basins frequently installed in male toilet rooms where a need for multiple users exists. They are frequently manufactured in stainless steel but also available made from high-quality GRP. Commercial Washrooms stocks urinal troughs from leading manufacturers such as Armitage Shanks, Pland, Delabie and KWC.

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Stainless Steel Urinal Troughs for Sale

Made from either high-grade stainless steel or GRP plastic, these urinal troughs come in various set sizes which relate to the number of users they are designed for. The most common sizing is 1200mm (2 users), 1800mm (3 users) and 2400 (4 users).

We are also able to provide urinal troughs in bespoke lengths, please call our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Urinal troughs come complete with cisterns ready to mount on the wall. They are supplied in their components parts, including cistern, trough, flush pipes and wastes for easy installation.

We offer urinal troughs manufactured in either stainless steel or GRPplastic, both of which are extremely hard-wearing and easy to maintain. Their robust nature makes them vandal-resistant.

Urinal troughs are ideal for placement in any commercial setting where there is a medium to heavy footfall such as public areas, school toilets, stadiums, train stations, and office blocks.

All urinal trough prices are displayed online. Send through a site sketch detailing the dimensions of your washroom and our sales team will be happy to respond with a quote showing our suggested specifications and trade prices.

Many common questions and general advice regarding urinals and urinal troughs can be found by reading our blog. Of particular relevance is the commercial urinals information and questions. Browse our Washroom Case Studies where many of our urinal troughs have been included.

We have a highly experienced, fully trained installation team and offer a complete washroom installation service, delivering you the perfect finish and fit every time. If you have any queries then contact us here or call us on 01202 650900.

Urinal Trough FAQ

What is a urinal trough?

A urinal trough is a urinal which is designed to be used by more than one person at a time and will usually resemble a long and narrow basin. They are commonly made from either stainless steel or GRP plastic and can be ordered to a bespoke length.

What are the benefits of a urinal trough?

A urinal trough can be a great addition to a commercial washroom for a number of reasons, including:

  • Multiple people can use the urinal trough at one time - this is ideal for commercial washrooms which see high traffic as it means that people do not have to wait as long to use the facilities. 

  • They are durable - stainless steel urinal troughs are particularly hard-wearing and vandal resistant.

  • They are more cost-effective than other urinals as each urinal trough can accommodate more users than a single urinal. 

  • They are easy to install - opting to install a urinal trough as opposed to numerous urinals can save both time and money on plumbing. 

How to use a trough urinal

Urinal troughs will usually feature a light water flow or the trough will run downwards towards a drain which means that users do not need to flush the urinal trough after use - they are very simple to use and common in commercial settings such as sports venues and stadiums. 

Do urinals use less water than toilets?

Urinals can be water-saving options for a commercial washroom, but it will depend on the type of urinal it is; for example, waterless urinals do not require traditional flush controls which saves both money and water, in fact, it is believed that companies can save as much as 100,000 litres of water per waterless urinal a year in comparison to other urinals. Urinal troughs on the other hand often feature a light flow of water which is continuously running to help drain any urine. This means that they are not the most sustainable urinal option and are unlikely to use less water in comparison to toilets.

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